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Buffalo Bills, How Many Games Will They Win?

How many will the Buffalo Bills lose? And to whom?

Less than three months until kickoff. OTA’s are over and teams are prepping for training camp in July and August. Most of the free-agent signings are done and the rosters are going to start shrinking.

Now that we have an idea of who will be playing this year, we can start to attempt to predict season records. We here at Bills Beat already predicted the Buffalo Bills will win the AFC East. The Homer in me wants to say the Bills are going 20-0 and Josh Allen is going to jump through a table in downtown Buffalo with the Lombardi in his hands.

While I do think it’s possible for the Bills to have a perfect season the likelihood is slim and they’re probably going to lose a game or two somewhere along the way. Which games? Well, it’s hard to know for sure but here is our prediction for the Buffalo Bills’ record in 2022.

Buffalo Bills @ LA Rams

The optimist in me wants to say they’re going to go out and lay a beat down on the LA Rams but a few things give me hesitation. The Buffalo Bills came out of the gate last year with a lot of hype but lost their first game to a very beatable Pittsburgh Steelers team.

Additionally, the Rams just came off a Super Bowl victory and while traditionally Super Bowl teams get gutted in the off-season, the Rams seemed to have avoided this fate. Their only big loss in the offseason was Von Miller who conveniently was picked up by the Buffalo Bills.

Will Miller gives the Bills the insight they need to overcome the current champions? Maybe if the game were in Buffalo, I would give it to the Bills, but going to LA to compete against the best roster in the NFL makes me think otherwise. Bills Lose.

Tennessee Titans @ Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills lost to the Tennessee Titans last year in a very close game that could have easily been a Bills victory had Josh been able to get his footing on that fourth-down attempt. The Titans team hasn’t changed too much since then apart from losing AJ Brown and an aged Julio Jones.

The Titans picked up former Bills wide receiver Robert Woods. While I have a lot of respect for Woods, his addition to the team does not replace what they lost. However, so long as the Titans have Derrick Henry carrying the rock for them, they will always be a force to be reckoned with; however, the Titans with Jones, Brown, and Henry could barely beat the Bills and that game was in Tennessee.

This year the Buffalo Bills have some new additions to help stop their opponent’s running game and they face off against the Titans at home in Buffalo as the home opener. Bills Win.

Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins

A lot has been said this off-season about the Miami Dolphins procuring Tyreek Hill from the Kansas City Chiefs although most of the talking has been coming from Hill himself. While we can’t blame a guy for trying to talk up his quarterback, Bills fans know the truth. Tua Tagovailoa is (in his current state) a mediocre quarterback at best.

That doesn’t mean that won’t change or he won’t have leap year progression like Josh Allen did, but the odds are low. The Buffalo Bills beat the Dolphins handily last year with one of the games being a shutout. It would appear Josh Allen is Dolphin kryptonite and has only lost to them once since being drafted in 2018. Bills Win.

Buffalo Bills @ Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens have won three out of the last five matchups; however, the Buffalo Bills won the last matchup between the two with help from an amazing record-tying pick-six from Taron Johnson.

It would appear the Ravens are at a pivotal moment in their franchise and the lack of a contract offer to Lamar Jackson leads me to believe they are yet to be fully convinced that he is their long-term solution. While his running game is undeniably the best for a quarterback, his passing skills leave something to be desired.

I believe the Buffalo Bills additions to their defense will give them the edge over the Ravens in another close game. The Bills will contain Jackson and limit his ability to run out of the pocket. Bills Win.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills

Big Ben is gone, JuJu Smith Schuster is gone. What the Pittsburgh Steelers do have is a pretty good defense, a good running back in Najee Harris, and a competent, if not overly confident, receiver in Chase Claypool.

I have no ill-will towards Mitch Trubisky but if he’s the starting quarterback come September, the Buffalo Bills will wreck him. I just don’t see how this Steelers team beats the Bills, especially with them traveling to Buffalo. Now, I might have said the same thing last year too, but lightning rarely strikes in the same place twice. Bills Win.

Packers @ Bills Boy Aaron Rodgers seems like a grumpy Gus but he can play a mean game of football. There’s a reason Rodgers was picked as MVP the last two years in a row, the man can play. Love him or hate him he’s arguably the best quarterback in the league.

The Green Bay Packers have won 13 games the last three seasons and most of that is due to Rodgers. Yes, they lost Davante Adams, but one receiver does not a team make. Their defense is tough but not insurmountable; however, the Buffalo Bills can’t be predicted to win them all. It’s going to be a close one, but I think the Bills lose. Bills lose.

Buffalo Bills @ Kansas City Chiefs

It’s been a long offseason and the Bills have had a lot of time to reflect on their stunning overtime loss. Since that time the chiefs have lost Tyreek Hill but didn’t add anyone to replace him. Make no mistake, with Patrick Mahomes passing the ball, Travis Kelce and Clyde Edwards-Helaire as options in the passing game you can’t discount them.

They’re the hurdle the Buffalo Bills must get over to be the reigning team in the AFC. We thought the beat down the Bills gave them last season in Kansas City would have been that moment, but the unfortunate playoff game may have proven otherwise. A great coach, great quarterback, and a great tight end can make a great team, but their defense has been soft, and the loss of Tyreek Hill will be felt.

This game is likely a coin toss (not funny I know) but I’m going to give it to the Bills. Josh Allen was on fire during their last matchup and if not for some silly overtime rules and a gassed-out defense would have won that game. Bills Win.

Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets

Miracles happen but not in Met-Life, not since 2010. The Buffalo Bills are the better team on paper and the field. While I don’t think the Jets will be a complete dumpster fire this year, I don’t see them beating the Bills. They’re still growing. Bills win.

Minnesota Vikings @ Buffalo Bills

Don’t look now but Kirk Cousins has been quietly putting together a Hall of Fame like career. In six of the last seven seasons Cousins has thrown for over 4,000 yards and 25 touchdowns.

The Minnesota Vikings are only getting better with superstars like Dalvin Cook and Justin Jefferson; however, their defense continues to be a problem and since they were steamrolled in the playoffs in 2019, they’ve struggled to have a winning season. Unless the Vikings’ defense gets better, the Buffalo Bills likely win this game. Bills win.

Cleveland Browns @ Buffalo Bills

The question of whether the Buffalo Bills can beat the Cleveland Browns is mostly determined by who is playing quarterback for them. Will it be Watson or some journeyman? Either way, I think the Bills have the edge over the Browns and this is a Bills home game. Bills win.

Buffalo Bills @ Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions are in a long-term rebuild mode and based on their offseason moves they’re likely looking ahead to 2023 already. It doesn’t help the Lions that they’re playing the Buffalo Bills on Thanksgiving, which is apparently Josh Allen’s favorite holiday. Bills win.

Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots

Another Bills-Patriots series in December. I think the NFL is doing the Buffalo Bills a favor by having four of the last six regular-season games be AFC East opponents. That said, you can’t ever count Bill Belichick out. He’s a very calculating and ingenious coach, see last year’s windy game matchup for more information.

The Bills are the better team on paper but that was true for the Jaguars game last year as well. I think the Bills drop one game against the Pats this year, but it isn’t this one. Bills win.

New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills

Nothing’s changed from the previous game. Barring unforeseen injuries, The New York Jets get destroyed by the Buffalo Bills in Highmark. Bills win.

Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills

See Above. Bills win.

Buffalo Bills @ Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears have been struggling the past few seasons and have only had one season with a winning record in the last decade. Justin Fields is probably the quarterback of their future, now they just need to put together a team around him. I think new coach Matt Eberflus is a step in the right direction, but I doubt his coaching will be enough to overcome this Buffalo Bills team. Bills win.

Buffalo Bills @ Cincinnati Bengals

This is a tricky one, especially so late in the year. Both teams are evenly matched so it’s likely going to come down to who wants it more. This game will also likely determine seeding in the AFC. That said, Joe Burrow is good, and they have a lot of talent on the offense.

Their defense is middle of the road but as the AFC Championship game proved last year, they can come up with the clutch plays when needed. I think the Buffalo Bills lose this one in a heartbreaker. The Cincinnati Bengals may defeat the Bills here, but if they play again in the postseason, I think the Bills will take that game. Bills lose.

New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills

Last game of the year and it’s at home. The only way the Buffalo Bills lose this game is if they bench starters because a win doesn’t help them with seeding purposes. This is likely the case. Bills lose.

Regular season record, 13-4.

I don’t believe they will lose any more than four games this year with the most difficult games being the Chiefs, Bengals, Packers, Rams, and Titans. That said I think they can beat any team in the NFL and are primed to make a run on the Super Bowl.

In the end that’s all that matters. They can go 8-9 and squeak into the playoffs but if the season ends with a parade in downtown Buffalo with wings falling from the sky like ticker tape and blue cheese being shot out of hoses while they hoist the Lombardi to the sky… it won’t matter what their regular season record was.

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