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Buffalo Bills 2022 Preview

The Buffalo Bills are entering unfamiliar ground as the odds-on favorite to not only win the AFC Title but also the Super Bowl in 2022. Is this their year? Only time will tell.

Buffalo has gone through many ups and downs in the past. Maybe more downs than ups. Heartbreaking moments have scarred fans for life. We won’t mention the four Super Bowl losses. However, the past few years has been steadily rising above what Bills Mafia is used to. It’s a moment Western New York has been waiting for, for a long time. It starts this Thursday.

The opening game of the 2022-23 season kicks off with Buffalo visiting the LA Rams. Nothing short of what will be an entertaining game as the defending champs look to show the NFL and fans across the league that the champs are here to stay… Or are they? Buffalo took the off-season to beef up their defense. Bringing back both defensive tackle Jordan Phillips and defensive end Shaq Lawson. Another big name added to the roster is defending Super Bowl champion, Von Miller.

With these additions, Buffalo has a complete roster to be scared of. If you’re a Sabres fan, Rick Jeanneret’s famous call, “THESE GUY’S ARE GOOD, SCARY GOOD”. This can certainly be said about Buffalo of today. They’re just that, SCARY good. You can’t forget what Josh Allen did last season to New England in their opening playoff game. Allen threw for five straight touchdowns. Incredible!

Bills Are The Super Bowl Favorite

With all this being said Buffalo is the favorite to win the Super Bowl. Something Western New York has been dreaming of for a very long time. Josh Allen is the favorite to win MVP this season & projected to lead this team to their first-ever championship. These are not the same old Bills we are used to. They are a championship-caliber team with a deep hunger in them. The team wants to win so badly for Bills Mafia. Bills Mafia goes beyond the team, it’s a family. A family that you can’t break up & will give the shirt off their back for you.

The time has come for Buffalo. It might be cold there, but the team is hot! Fans will be flying out to LA in the hundreds this week. Bars in LA will be filled with table-smashing fans as you will hear the famous “HEY-EYY-EYY-EYY” across the city. Expect it to be like a home game for Buffalo as we all know how Bills Mafia travels well!

Expect it to be a hard fight game between both teams. The world will see though that this is Buffalo’s year. It starts this Thursday at 8pm. See. You. There.

Go Bills! #billsmafia

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