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Buccaneers Are Targeting Brady’s Replacement With This Lunatic

I say lunatic in the title, but this player is enthusiastic. However, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers need a new quarterback after Tom Brady called it a career last month. The Buccaneers hold the 19th pick in this year’s draft, and that’s probably too far away from being able to take one of the top quarterbacks in the draft. 

The Buccaneers have their 2021 second-round pick, Kyle Trask, as one of their starting quarterback options, but they will need to bring in competition for him.

The #Buccaneers are looking for a veteran free agent QB at the right price. They have a few guys they’ll check in on but Baker Mayfield could wind up making the most sense from a fit and financial standpoint. — Mike Garafolo (@MikeGarafolo) March 12, 2023

A report from Ian Rapoport and Mike Garafolo came out Sunday stating that the “Buccaneers are expected to target Baker Mayfield in free agency.”

Why Baker Mayfield?

Mayfield is heading into his sixth NFL season and will be finding himself on his fourth team. Mayfield was drafted first overall by the Cleveland Browns in 2018 and then was traded last offseason to the Carolina Panthers.

Mayfield had many ups and downs in Carolina, being benched and starting again, but he was released midway through the season and signed with the Los Angeles Rams.

Mayfield had a remarkable Thursday night comeback in his Rams debut over the Las Vegas Raiders, but anything Mayfield does is done in flashes, and nothing is consistent.

Mayfield Could Help The Buccaneers

The move of wanting to sign Mayfield is not a bad one at all. Mayfield has shown he can manage a team skillfully, and the Buccaneers have playmakers around him.

Another thing that helps Tampa is the lack of star quarterbacks in the NFC South and the NFC. The NFC South is starving for quarterback play. The New Orleans Saints just signed Derek Carr, but Carr has been off and on throughout his career.

The Carolina Panthers just traded up to number one in the NFL draft and are targeting a quarterback, but that team is still far from competing. The Atlanta Falcons have no quarterback and will probably target one through the draft, but they might strike out and have to go with another washed-up veteran quarterback.

The NFC is not much better, with many quarterback question marks throughout the league. Tampa could compete for a playoff spot with Mayfield with how bad the NFC is, and that’s all you could ask for. Mayfield is a bridge quarterback at this point in his career, but for one season, he should be good enough for a team to compete for at least a wild card spot.  

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