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Browns Fans Once Again Found Themselves In Hole Of Darkness

Regarding football, the Cleveland Browns have always been like that person you keep dating repeatedly; all they do is break your heart, and for some reason, you keep returning to them.

They always say they have changed and come back better-looking and more financially stable, and you fall for the trap again, and next you know, they're cheating on you with their boss.

For many Browns fans, on Wednesday morning, they woke up to the reality that they would rather see their significant other cheat on them than face the depressing news that their starting quarterback, Deshaun Watson, will miss the remainder of the season with a shoulder injury that will require surgery.

The Browns are sitting here with a 6-3 record after an impressive road win against the Baltimore Ravens, where Watson went crazy in the second half, completing 14 of 14 passes for 134 yards and a touchdown.

It finally felt like Watson was coming together and was starting to look like his old self when he played for the Houston Texans. Now, we have to wait another year to see if Watson can fully return to himself, and this time, he has to do it after shoulder surgery.

Browns fans have gone through a lot with this franchise after all the losing, coaching firings, horrible draft picks, and whatever else you can think of that went wrong. Many fans were not thrilled with the decision to trade for Watson because of his off-the-field issues, but they stood by the team because that's how much they love the Brown & Orange.

Browns Fans Can't Catch A Break

The entire city of Cleveland was feeling themselves, and rightfully so, after the great win on Sunday, there was even talk about winning the AFC North because that's how much faith they have in this team.

It all crashed on Wednesday morning when they discovered they would not see their franchise quarterback on the field for the rest of the year. Now Brown's playoff hopes are in the hands of rookie Dorian Thompson-Robinson and PJ Walker, and nobody has any faith in them, and they shouldn't.

Thompson-Robinson has started one game in his career and was thrown into an awful situation when he found out a few hours before kickoff that he would start against a great Ravens team. I don't know if Thompson-Robinson can hold down the job or not, but it's hard to put your faith in a fifth-round rookie. Walker did an okay job filling in for Watson earlier this season, getting nice wins against the 49ers and Colts, but he is a walking turnover machine and can't be trusted to throw the ball.

Watson's first two seasons in Cleveland have been a dumpster fire. Some of it is his own doing, like being suspended for 11 games last season due to his off-the-field issues or this season where he has battled injuries, which isn't on him, but missing a lot of time again is not what he or anyone was hoping for.

Since Watson last took a snap for the Texans in January of 2021, he has played in 12 games out of a possible 51. Watson already has had issues knocking off the rust in the past two seasons, and we will experience the same thing again in 2024.

The last two seasons have been an epic disaster, and Browns fans don't deserve any of this. It felt good to have a winning team on the shore of Lake Erie again, but now a vast rain cloud is blocking out the sun.

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