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Browns Defender Sounds Off On Jadeveon Clowney Remarks Heading Into Week 18

Cleveland Browns Defensive End Myles Garrett did not hold back on criticizing teammate Jadeveon Clowney on Friday. Garrett’s response was as a result of Clowney saying he is “95 percent” done with the team. Clowney’s words sparked a reaction from Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski who sent the former first-round pick home.

What does all of this mean for the Browns? Cleveland is 7-9 already eliminated from postseason contention but is getting ready to face the 8-8 Pittsburgh Steelers who are still very much alive.

Myles Garret’s Comments

Myles Garret weighed in on Jadeveon’s Clowney’s comments about being 95% sure he was not coming back for a third season in Cleveland. Clowney was disappointed he was not a bigger part of the team’s defensive scheme. The team focused more on using Garret in certain matchups and assignments. Clowney was frustrated and told reporters he likely was not coming next season.

A reporter asked Myles Garret what he thought of the situation. Garret has been a part of the Brown’s organization since getting drafted first overall in 2017 in comparison to Clowney who was brought over as a free agent in 2021.

“This is our team, he’s my brother. He’s my teammate and I wish we could have talked about this man-to-man and to us as coaches as well. Could have sat us all down and had just a conversation and that would’ve probably been the way I would’ve handled it Fox Sports

Garret was then asked if he would welcome Clowney back.

“We just want volunteers, not hostages.”

Myles Garret did not take Clowney’s attitude personally. He respects his decision and says his teammate should not be forced to staying in Cleveland. Garret says that Clowney should go to a place where he wants to go and is appreciated.

Clowney will likely be looking for a fifth team in his NFL career. The former first overall pick in 2014 spent four years in Houston followed by a season in Seattle and then a year in Tennesse before going to the Browns in 2021. The three-time Pro-Bowler will turn 30 years old this offseason.

In Conclusion

The 2022 Browns season was a disappointment. Cleveland started 2-1 before dropping four straight games. Before the season, the organization went out and acquired superstar quarterback DeShaun Watson, who then missed most of the year for a suspension. Baker Mayfield was traded away, so the team had to navigate with a backup quarterback.

Cleveland is getting ready for a meaningless Week 18 game, but they have an opportunity to play spoiler vs a hungry Pittsburgh Steelers team. The Clowney and Garret beef likely will be a distraction as the Browns attempt to give the Steelers their first losing season in the Mike Tomlin era.



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