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Broncos Dominated By Raiders Mentally And Physically To Lose First Divisional Battle

The Broncos lost in every category except for quarterback play Sunday against the Raiders. This “rivalry” has been put to sleep after the past few years, and nothing changed after the Broncos lost once again to Las Vegas 32-23. That is the Raiders sixth straight win against Denver.

Final. — Denver Broncos (@Broncos) October 2, 2022

What Went Wrong

Melvin Gordon has absolutely no excuses after putting the ball on the ground once again for the biggest swing play of the game. The game was tied at ten, with Russell Wilson looking the best he has looked in a Broncos jersey and driving down the field. Then, the expected weekly fumble from Gordon absolutely killed Denver as it was returned 68 yards for a Raiders touchdown.

Garett Bolles just doesn’t get it. Bolles has once again regressed to his old ways and leads the NFL in holding calls. He isn’t the only one who has committed costly penalties for Denver. They already have 37 penalties on the year. To put it into perspective, they are on pace for 157 penalties on the season, which would smash the penalty numbers that Vance Joseph and Vic Fangio Bronco teams had.

To say the least, this coaching staff is quickly becoming Colorado public enemy number one. The lack of discipline. The lack of committing to a game plan. The lack of knowledge for clock management, it all is concerning. There has been some improvement on game management, but that is a ridiculous conversation to even have when high school football coaches can keep clock management in check. A seven-year old could’ve handled some of these situations better on Madden.

This “top tier” defense collapsed and fell hard on Sunday. The pass defense held up well, but RB Josh Jacobs and company put up 212 rushing yards on the Broncos D. That has and will always be the ingredients for any team to win. It eats up time of possession and slowly chips away at the defense, eventually wearing them down to do whatever they want offensively. Ultimately, the defense gave up 33 points and 385 total yards.

Javonte Williams and Randy Gregory also suffered knee injuries against Las Vegas. Gregory’s looks more promising to be healthy than Williams, as it was confirmed Monday morning that Javonte Williams is out for the rest of the season with a torn ACL and other additional knee damage. We will get more into those devastating injuries, in a future article.

The Few Things That Went Right

Russell Wilson looked like Russell Wilson in the first half. He started off completing 11 of 12 passing attempts for 149 yards and two touchdowns. By far the best stats he had put up in a first half up to this point during the regular season. He finished with only 237 passing yards (about 100 less than week one) with two passing touchdowns and one rushing. Still, a solid stat line that showed on the field when the Broncos needed it.

The offense put up a season high of 23 points. That is a bit of a sad sentence to write out considering what this offense’s expectations were a short month ago. Still, it is an improvement that raises their point per game average to 16.7. Once again not great, but improvement.

While the rushing defense was horrendous, the pass defense was solid. Holding Derek Carr to 188 passing yards. Davante Adams had 101 receiving yards, but that mainly came against linebackers that were playing zone. Pat Surtain II for the most part locked him up when matched up man to man, which was impressive to see against a top tier WR.

Looking Forward

Broncos Country was disappointed after the game against Las Vegas, and rightfully so. However, when you take a step back and look at Denver’s situation as a whole it isn’t as devastating as it felt. With all the struggles the Broncos have had offensively, Denver is 2-2 and sitting in the middle of the pack in the AFC West with the Chargers. While they gave the hated Raiders their first win this season, it may have possibly saved Josh McDaniels job. Which in the long run (as we have seen here in Denver) might not be too bad for the Broncos and AFC West.

I truly believed that the Broncos would pull this one off, but the cards did not fall into their favor Sunday afternoon. The Colts are up next on Thursday Night Football in the Mile High City. This could be a “get right game” for the Broncos offense. However, the rush defense may not get the same experience. As they are going up against one of the leagues best in RB Jonathan Taylor. We will soon get to that preview, as we have Broncos football back on TV, just four short days after this Raiders loss.

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