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Bron Is 'Breakking' Bad

On April 26, 2024, Friday Night SmackDown hosted night one of the 2024 WWE Draft. In the second round, what I believe to be the biggest pick in the draft was made. Bron Breakker was selected for Monday Night Raw with the second pick in the second round.

Bron Breakker taking the stage on Raw.
Bron Breakker taking the stage on RAW

Since his debut, week after week, Breakker has been displaying nothing but power, speed, freakish athletic ability, and a take-no-prisoners personality. I have been impressed with what he has brought to the table since being drafted to the main roster. It has been two months, and the rookie shows no signs of slowing down. No, I mean, check out his speed as he annihilates this poor jobber...

I'm not usually one to be hyperbolic, but PUT THIS MAN IN THE HALL OF FAME NOW! I'm kidding, mostly... The start he is on is unparalleled, the last superstar I can remember to have a start like this Brock Lesnar over 20 years ago. His presentation was flawless, and on Monday, it got even better.

Bron contemplating ending someone's career.
Bron contemplating ending someone's career.

After losing due to interference by Sheamus onto Ludwig Kaiser, Breakker had enough of interference, causing him victories. Bron stormed to the office of Adam Pearce and damn near broke down the door demanding that the General Manager make amends for the situation. Sami Zayn showed up and granted Breakker an opportunity at the Intercontinental Championship and Money In The Bank.

Sami Zayn accepts the challenge for the IC Title.
Sami Zayn accepts the challenge for the IC Title.

Shake's Take:

Bron is already a bonified superstar, and each week is a new chapter in this young man's career saga. If you aren't a fan of Breakker, I suggest you get over that because he is already making waves and will be for a very long time. I'm not necessarily saying that Bron will beat Sami at MITB, but I will dance in the streets for our new Intercontinental Champion.

However, I think it may also be too early for a title of this magnitude against a character as beloved as Zayn. But this match could end up being one of the highlights of the night in Toronto. There is nothing short of high impact and intensity when Breakker is around.


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