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Brock Bowers Can Only Lead The Georgia Bulldogs So Far

The Georgia Bulldogs are coming off two consecutive national championships, having not lost since November of 2020, when Kyle Trask and the Florida Gators torched them. That being said, this is a year where new starting quarterback Carson Beck has had a rocky start. A battle with Auburn saw Georgia's defense allow over 200 rushing yards and Beck struggling to move the ball consistently.

This wasn't the first hiccup for the Bulldogs. A game against South Carolina in which they were down 14-3 at halftime was an ugly showing from the reigning national champs. They squeaked out a ten-point win, but there's been something wrong with this squad all year long. So how have they battled to win these games late? Defensive adjustments, and more importantly, Brock Bowers.

Brock Bowers: The Best Tight End In College Football

Bowers is not someone who just burst on the scene as a junior. He's been well known and documented by college football fans since being a true freshman who started for the best team in the country. Playing alongside a massive presence like Darnell Washington, he never looked like a true tight end. He looked more like a receiver with a little extra weight. Well, now he's showing that not only can he run by guys with his speed, but he's also got a ton of grit and toughness. He's become virtually unstoppable.

Bowers was crucial in the win against Auburn, as he tallied 8 catches for 157 yards and 1 TD. Most importantly, though, is that 7 of those catches came in the second half, where he was the go-to guy for Beck. Auburn simply couldn't cover him, and the Mackey Award winner took over.

This Is Not Sustainable

Georgia is 0-5 against the spread this year, which essentially means they haven't played to their standard all year. The Bulldogs have started slow and relied on their defense to shut things down while the offense finds some rhythm. As they get into tougher games down the stretch, a slow start may cost them the game. Defenses will key in on Bowers, using heavier personnel to stop the tight ends and running game.

Georgia is plenty talented, and until they lose, deserve to be where they are in the AP Rankings. They are still the best until they are proven otherwise. I'm just not convinced that Brock Bowers can carry an inconsistent team to great heights again this season.

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