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Breaking: Titans Immediately Release Toxic Downing, Begin New Search

It’s over for toxic Tennessee Titans Offensive Coordinator Todd Downing. Downing and his staff have been relieved of duties.

Titans’ Owner Strunk Had Enough

When Amy Adams Strunk fired General Manager Jon Robinson, she made it known that her expectations were high and that she would do whatever was necessary to keep those standards. She said, “I believe we have made significant progress on and off the field through investments in leadership, personnel, and new ideas. This progress includes the core of our business, the football team itself, which is regularly evaluated by results (wins and losses) and team construction/roster building.”

#Titans part ways with OC Todd Downing, OL coach Keith Carter, secondary coach Anthony Midget and offensive skill assistant Erik Frazier — Tennessee Titans (@Titans) January 9, 2023

To that notion, the team released Todd Downing, Offensive Line Coach Keith Carter, Secondary Coach Anthony Midget, and Offensive Skill Assistant Erik Frazier. Downing’s offense was highly underwhelming to the naked eye and alarming when you look at the stats:

  1. 28th in points per game (17.5)

  2. 30th in yards per game (296.8),

  3. 30th in passing yards per game (171.4)

  4. 32nd (tie) in first downs per game (16.3)

The Titans were the only team in the NFL that didn’t score at least 28 points in a game this season and ended the season on a seven-game slide. Downing wasn’t any better off the field, racking up a DUI after a Green Bay win that certainly didn’t help his case.

What’s Next For The Titans?

The Titans have quite a lot on their plate. They have a team riddled with injuries, an offense that is a mess, and they now need a new general manager and offensive coordinator. Head Coach Mike Vrabel spoke to the media earlier today and gave his thoughts on what he wanted for the team, saying, “I want this team to be smart, fast, and physical…We have to be a faster football team, and rarely are we the fastest team out there.”

2022 Titans Brutally Snatch Defeat From Colossal Jaws Of Victory

The Titans are moving with haste on several candidates for their open General Manager Role. Interim GM Ryan Cowden and Monti Ossenfort are also in the mix. Regarding potential replacements at offensive coordinator, look for pass-game coordinator Tim Kelly and current Alabama OC Bill O’Brien as possible options.


Buckle up, Titans fans. Change is approaching swiftly, but it could all be for the better. Getting healthy should be a top priority; the other items will sort themselves out. The expectations are high for the organization, and that should feel good.

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