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Breaking News: Colts’ Quenton Nelson Breaks The Bank

Happy, excited, and relieved are some of the emotions Colts fans should feel after receiving the news of the “Big Q” signing and seeing that he will be staying in Indianapolis for some time.

Colts All-Pro Left Guard Quenton Nelson has agreed upon a deal with the Colts to become the highest-paid Guard in football. This is a huge win for the franchise as it sets its priority on assembling a championship brand again.

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The Colts Hit A Goldmine

The team struck gold when they drafted Nelson sixth overall in the 2018 draft. The New Jersey native has been a force on the football field since his days at Notre Dame. His physical prowess, along with his superior technique, has shaped him into being among the best Offensive Lineman in the league. Nelson is an enforcer at the Guard position and the Colts are grateful to have him.

One of the big reasons Running Back Jonathan Taylor has exploded onto the NFL scene is that he has Quenton Nelson as the anchor on the Offensive line. Nelson is an elite pass blocker, but run blocking is his speciality. Shoveling would be defenders away from the lanes that Running Backs are designed to rush through, Nelson is known to be an unstoppable force.

General Manager Chris Ballard has been piecing this team together since 2017. Although his first draft with the team was slightly underwhelming, the 2018 draft where Nelson was selected was magic. Drafting three All-Pros (Guard Quenton Nelson, Linebacker Shaquille Leonard, Special Teams Ace Matthew Adams) and role players such as Running Back Nyheim Hines, it seems like Nelson was the first of many to cash in. With the NFL having a hard cap for its teams, Ballard seems to understand not only when, but how much to pay the talent and that is respected. #Colts Quenton Nelson screaming block #TrendingNow Flashback #ForTheShoe — NFL Rumors (@nflrums) August 20, 2022

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Colts Have The Right Player And Right Price

Nelson’s four-year $80 million contract came at the right time. With his fifth-year option being picked up, the team wasted no time in securing their All-Pro guard through the 2026 season. A massive $60 million of this historic contract is in guaranteed money. Right player, right price! Now that his contract is out the way, this makes it easier for the Colts to focus on other important pieces of its championship-caliber personnel such as Linebacker Bobby Okereke, emerging Wide Receiver Micheal Pittman Jr., and of course, All-World Running Back Jonathan Taylor.

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Colts’ Nelson Is Elite Talent

The game of football is won upfront in the trenches. Offensive and Defensive lines are the base of having a successful team. The chances of victory are improved greatly when teams have above average to elite line play. Last season, there was a battle for the ages when two giants on opposite sides of the ball collided as the Colts played the soon-to-be Champion Los Angeles Rams. Future Hall of Famer and Defensive Tackle Aaron Donald was up against perennial All-Pro Quenton Nelson. The much-anticipated battle went as expected: a hard nose, pound-for-pound scrum. Although the Colts lost 27-24, it shows how important elite talent is needed when facing the best and eventual championship-caliber teams.

After the team went through a rough patch when Quarteback Andrew Luck retired due to injury concerns, Chris Ballard and his staff have made it a priority to never make the same mistake twice. This shows would be free agents and potential draftees that if you play well, you’ll be paid competently, plain and simple.

Now, can the team find a left tackle to be a compliment to Quenton? That remains to be seen. Tune in to find out next offseason: same time, same place.


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