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BREAKING: Detroit Lions Are Listed By Lamar Jackson As Potential Landing Spot

The Ravens and Lamar Jackson could not reach a mutual agreement on a contract extension by the deadline set by Jackson. Because of this, Jackson’s future with the Ravens is in question. Jackson, according to Five Reasons Sports, listed the Detroit Lions on his short list of teams he’d want to go to if he were to leave the Ravens. This is a very rare occurrence when you have an MVP-type talent not be able to reach an agreement on a contract with the team, he won the MVP on.

The Pros For The Lions

The first, and most obvious upside to this, is that Lamar Jackson is one of the best talents at the Quarterback position in the league right now. In his short time in the league, he has already shown to be one of the best scrambling Quarterbacks in NFL history, rushing for the most yards of any QB in a season during his MVP season. He would instantly be a major upgrade at the QB position, and the Lions would likely be contenders with someone of his talent as their QB.

Another pro is that they wouldn’t need to take the risk of potentially drafting a rookie QB and him not being good enough to take them to the next level. With Jackson, they are getting a proven sure-thing veteran that can bring them to the next level instantly. An elite QB is the biggest missing piece for the Lions, and Lamar Jackson is exactly that.

Along with that, Jackson is a perfect fit for the Lions’ offense right now. The Lions currently have a better offensive line than Jackson has ever had, that’s the dream for a mobile QB. The Lions also have a better receiving core than Jackson has ever had, with their weapons Jackson could do way more in the passing game than he could before. With the speed of Jackson, Jameson Williams, and D’andre Swift this Lions offense would be almost unstoppable. The Lions also have a very young promising defense to help out Lamar, led by Malcolm Rodriguez and Aidan Hutchinson.

The Cons For The Lions

The Biggest con is that if the Lions would have to trade for Jackson, it would likely cost 3 firsts plus more on top of having to pay him afterward. Jackson will likely want somewhere around $50 million a year fully guaranteed, while the Lions can afford that it is a hefty contract for any player to be getting paid. Whereas if they were to draft a top prospect, they would have a pretty good chance to come out of the gate and be a good enough quarterback to take them somewhere. While being on a rookie contract instead of a 50 million dollar a year contract.

Is It Worth It For The Lions?

If it were in a trade, I don’t think it would be worth the value they would have to trade along with the giant contract they would have to give him. However, if it was in free agency and Brad Holmes feels better about Jackson instead of a rookie to take them to the next level then it would definitely be worth it. But if Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell feel really good about a rookie in this class then they should take him and the small contract to build the rest of the team around him.

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