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Boogeyman’s Blog: College Football’s Exciting Week One

Hello, my name is Austin Vuick. If you’re reading this, you are witnessing the first ever rendition of my alter-egos blog, the Bookie’s Boogeyman blog. I’ve been given this nickname for good reason, when I walk in to my bookmaker, the cashiers scurry. I’ve been Vegas’s worst nightmare since 2019. Let’s become Vegas’s worst nightmare together.

I hate wasting time, I made my intro, you know who the boogeyman is. Let‘s pick ’em.

Florida +4.5 vs Utah

Ladies and Gentlemen. This one was easy, what reason would you like me to choose? Graham Mertz is surrounded by 4 and 5-star athletes now? Not good enough? Okay, Cam Rising is doubtful to play. Still not there yet? Billy Napier has beat this Utah team last year. If that doesn’t put a light bulb above your head, then take Utah -4.5. In my opinion, if Utah plays without Cam Rising, this game should be a pick ‘em. So, give me the +4.5 on Florida.

Minnesota o25.5 points vs Nebraska

This one is pretty straight forward. I actually love Minnesota‘s quarterback this year, “The Greek Rifle” (Helluva name). Matt Rhule takes over at Nebraska this year, not a guy really known for his defense. However, he might keep up scoring wise with Minnesota which is why I’m too chicken to take Minnesota -7. In the event Nebraska lays an egg, I’m confident in Minnesota getting us four touchdowns.

Tennessee -28 vs Virginia

Let me tell you off the jump. I LOVE this pick, I believe Vegas is weary of Joe Milton. Everything I have seen says this guy is as good as gold. Let‘s be clear, he doesn’t have to be spectacular. This Virginia football team STINKS, and I put it in all caps to emphasize the stink, they very well may be the worst power five football team in the FBS this year. Vols by 90.

Kentucky -26.5 vs Ball State

Before you mumbled something under your breath, yes, I know Will Levis is in Nashville now. Devin Leary from NC State has taken over the throne and reports are saying this guy CAN be as good as Levis was. While I don‘t buy that for one second, I will buy that this Kentucky team is loaded at the skill positions. Most of Kentucky’s defense hit the road, I don’t think it will matter much against the team like Ball State.

Ohio State -30 vs Indiana

This quite possibly is the pick that I despise the most. I am NOT an Ohio State lover. The verdict is still out on how good Kyle McCord is. However, everything I am hearing on the Indiana side is for the most part bad. I don’t believe they expect this to be a game by the end of the first quarter. With that being said, a scenario where Ohio State sits their starters and Indiana covers a late game spread is absolutely in the cards. That would be gross, let’s hope that doesn‘t happen. O-H.

South Carolina +2.5 vs North Carolina

Well, well, well. Here we are Week One and the Boogeyman is already hopping in Spencer Rattler’s backpack. This one is pretty simple and it has nothing to do with Spencer Rattler. It has everything to do with how bad North Carolina’s defense is. South Carolina SHOULD be able to score without issues, their defense should also be good enough to get stops on the Drake Maye-led Tarheels. Because of that, South Carolina is the play here for me. Roll gamecocks, isn’t that how they say it?

Florida State +2.5 vs LSU

I quite frankly have gone back and forth over this game for two weeks. Just yesterday I thought LSU would win it. However, today, I believe Florida State will take this game. Even if they fail to take the game but lose by one, we still cash. This should be the closest thing to a pick ‘em if I have ever seen it. I hope the Louisville fan/ACC fan in me is not overhyping this Florida State team. Jordan Travis (former Louisville player by the way) is the real deal, I hope he proves me right.


That is going to wrap up the first ever Boogeyman blog. Could you imagine if this is the one where we hit every single game? If that were the case, this might be the last ever Boogeyman blog. You gotta have some pride and go out while you’re on top (kidding). Hope everyone has a fun and safe Week One of college football. Let‘s bankrupt Vegas.


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