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Two Bold Predictions For The Remainder Of The NBA Season

We are now at the point of the season after the NBA All-Star break where the real legitimate competition starts. Some would argue that teams are switching to another gear and are already in playoff mode. All 30 teams have played at least 53 games, and the competitive teams that are not tanking are still vying for an optimal playoff position. Whether it is standing ground at the one seed or clawing their way out of the play-in to avoid single-game elimination. Nonetheless, teams have gotten enough rest and now it is time for the real season to start.

Wembanyama Solidifies Himself As The Rookie Of The Year

NBA fans have heard about the legend of Victor Wembanyama for years now. Before being drafted this season, the legend goes: there is a 7`4" player in France with the defense of Rudy Gobert and the offensive game of Kevin Durant. Through 49 games, that legend has turned into a reality. The kid is a rookie and already is averaging a league-high 3.2 blocks per night. While being a double-double machine with 20 points and 10 rebounds, Wembanyama surpassed Chet Holmgren and his rookie of the year argument.

Holmgren`s rookie of the year argument is a beneficiary of the Oklahoma City Thunder`s surprising success. He is not the sole reason why the Thunder have looked like contenders this season. Wembanyama is the most sought-after generational talent since Lebron James and the disappointment of Zion Williamson. Holmgren is replaceable but Wembanyama has one of the best chances to become the next face of the league after Lebron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant retire. The scary part is that this season is Wembanyama`s worst.

The Bucks No Longer Look Like Deer In The Headlights

Right now, NBA fans are rejoicing at the 3-7 start the Milwaukee Bucks have gotten out to since hiring Doc Rivers to fill Adrian Griffin`s head coaching spot. Fans are rejoicing at the meme that is Doc Rivers and his coaching career that contains numerous playoff chokes and flops. Rivers` coaching record is 1,097-763, putting him at eighth all-time in coaching wins. However, the playoffs are a different story. Rivers is 111-104 in the playoffs as a coach.

Coach Doc Rivers will lead his team to a respectable remainder of the season. Two notable factors in this take are a rejuvenated Damian Lillard and the acquisition of Danilo Gallinari. Lillard, while not having a rough season on the court, is experiencing personal issues that should not have surfaced in the media. An invigorated Lillard just won the all-star game MVP which hopefully showed himself that Dame Time is still real and not a blip of the past. Gallinari is a veteran stretch four that can replace the overabundance of Bobby Portis's minutes. Fear the deer, because the adversity could be gone.


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