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Bold NFL Week Two Game Picks

The first week on the 2023 NFL season is behind us, and now fans are turning their attention to Week Two.

The week starts with the Minnesota Vikings heading to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles. The Eagles beat the Vikings 24-7 last year.

Miami faces the New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football, while Saints vs Panthers and Browns vs Steelers are both scheduled for Monday night.

Before we get into the game picks, here are the records from last week.

NFL Game Picks Record

Name: Hayden Remillard

Record: 9-7-0 (56.3%)

Last Week: 9-7-0

Name: JT Howland

Record: 8-8-0 (50.0%)

Last Week: 8-8-0

Name: Enrique Samano

Record: 8-8-0 (50.0%)

Last Week: 8-8-0

Name: Danny Fisher

Record: 7-9-0 (43.8%)

Last Week: 7-9-0

Name: Michael Heisner

Record: 6-10-0 (37.5%)

Last Week: 6-10-0

Name: William Luke Hendrick

Record: N/A

Last Week: N/A

Minnesota Vikings VS Philadelphia Eagles (Thursday, 8:20pm EST)

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles 24-21


Pick: Philadelphia Eagles 28-13


Pick: Philadelphia Eagles 35-10

Reason: Am I upset about the Vikings performance last week? You bet I am. Is it going to get better in week two? Probably not.

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles 30-23

Reason: Hurts should have a good day versus the Vikings defense.

Pick: Minnesota Vikings 24-17

Reason: Jalen Hurts struggles again and JJ gets 3 TDs.

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles 34-24

Reason: Jalen Hurts and the Eagles bounce back here. The Vikings looked rough in week one.

Baltimore Ravens VS Cincinnati Bengals (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: Cincinnati Bengals 27-24


Pick: Cincinnati Bengals 24-14


Pick: Cincinnati Bengals 28-24

Reason: The Bengals looked awful last week. I don't expect that to continue against the Ravens.

Pick: Cincinnati Bengals 27-23

Reason: Bengals looked off last week and Ravens didn’t look great either. Cincinnati avoid 0-2.

Pick: Cincinnati Bengals 27-21

Reason: Joe Burrow looks to forget about last week.

Pick: Cincinnati Bengals 37-28

Reason: Perfect spot for Joe Burrow and the Bengals to remind everyone of who they are.

Seattle Seahawks VS Detroit Lions (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: Seattle Seahawks 24-17


Pick: Detroit Lions 24-17


Pick: Detroit Lions 17-14

Reason: The Lions are going to fight hard every game, especially in the home opener. Seattle looked weak against the Rams and will fall to 0-2.

Pick: Detroit Lions

Reason: Everything went wrong for Seattle last week and now they face a tough time in Detroit.

Pick: Detroit Lions 28-13

Reason: Lions beat down on the Seahawks and Geno throws 3 picks.

Pick: Detroit Lions 34-21

Reason: Lions are 13-4 ATS at home in the past two seasons.

Indianapolis Colts VS Houston Texans (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: Houston Texans 13-10


Pick: Indianapolis Colts 24-3


Pick: Indianapolis Colts 21-17

Reason: The Colts were fun to watch in week one and I believe they have a better team than the Texans.

Pick: Indianapolis Colts 19-16

Reason: Colts looked good last week and Texans did not. This may be a tie like last year but a fun rookie duel.

Pick: Indianapolis Colts 35-14

Reason: Battle of the rookie QBs but AR shines in week two.

Pick: Indianapolis Colts 28-24

Reason: Colts QB Anthony Richardson is questionable for this matchup. I’m gonna assume that he plays and the Colts win this matchup.

Chicago Bears VS Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 21-20


Pick: Chicago Bears 24-21


Pick: Chicago Bears 21-20

Reason: The Bears got off to an awful start in Week One. I think they bounce back against the Bucs.

Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24-10

Reason: Are the Bears really bad and the Bucs really good? We find out this week in a must win for both teams.

Pick: Chicago Bears 24-13

Reason: Baker struggles while Fields and Moore go to work.

Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 34-27

Reason: Bears looked rough in week one and the Bucs upset the Vikings.

Kansas City Chiefs VS Jacksonville Jaguars (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs 31-28


Pick: Kansas City Chiefs 31-17


Pick: Kansas City Chiefs 28-21

Reason: The Chiefs are going to prove they're still a top team in the league.

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs 30-20

Reason: AFC divisional rematch from last year ends in the same story. Jaguars can’t sneak a win.

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs 35-31

Reason: Both teams go back and forth till the Chiefs get the ball with 1 minute left for the game winner.

Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars 31-27

Reason: The Chiefs and Jaguars both looked beatable in week one. Except one team won and the other didn’t. I’m not sure about the status of Travis Kelce and the KC wide receiver core looks horrid.

Green Bay Packers VS Atlanta Falcons (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: Green Bay Packers 17-10


Pick: Green Bay Packers 20-7


Pick: Green Bay Packers 24-21

Reason: Few teams looked as cohesive in their opening game than the Green Bay Packers. They win a close one on the road.

Pick: Green Bay Packers 27-23

Reason: Love and Ridder duel but Packers defense gets the edge in a close one.

Pick: Green Bay Packers 31-17

Reason: Jordan Love shows the Falcons defense some love.

Pick: Green Bay Packers 27-24

Reason: These are very similar teams but I trust the Packers’ defense and coaching staff more. Packers leave Atlanta with a W.

Las Vegas Raiders VS Buffalo Bills (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: Buffalo Bills 28-17


Pick: Las Vegas Raiders 17-14


Pick: Buffalo Bills 35-24

Reason: The Bills want to win the home opener. They roll past the Raiders.

Pick: Buffalo Bills 24-17

Reason: Bills will get back on track and Raiders can’t keep the magic forever.

Pick: Las Vegas Raiders 21-20

Reason: Close game that comes down to wire.

Pick: Buffalo Bills 31-17

Reason: Perfect bounce-back spot here. Bills win at home.

Los Angeles Chargers VS Tennessee Titans (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: Tennessee Titans 28-27


Pick: Los Angeles Chargers 16-10


Pick: Los Angeles Chargers 38-13

Reason: The Chargers and Dolphins played arguably the best game of Week One. The L.A. offense rolls in this game.

Pick: Los Angeles Chargers 34-20

Reason: Both teams fell just short but if the Chargers start 0-2, their fans will start to panic. Vrabel is the better coach but LA has the better team.

Pick: Los Angeles Chargers 31-21

Reason: Derrick Henry has more yards than Tannehill but still lose.

Pick: Los Angeles Chargers 33-21

Reason: The Chargers are the better team. I hesitate because I like Vrabel, especially at home. Justin Herbert is so much better than Ryan Tannehill though.

San Francisco 49ers VS Los Angeles Rams (Sunday, 4:05pm EST)

Pick: Los Angeles Rams 17-13


Pick: San Francisco 49ers 34-13


Pick: San Francisco 49ers

Reason: As fun as the Rams win was last week, the 49ers are the better team.

Pick: San Francisco 49ers 34-27

Reason: It seems like no matter how good LA is, the 49ers seem to dominate and this doesn’t change this week.