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Bold NFL Week Five Game Picks

Week Five of the NFL season is here and it's going to be a week full of exciting football.

Washington and Chicago get things started on Thursday, while the Jaguars and Bills do battle from London.

Dallas and San Francisco go head-to-head on Sunday night, and the week finishes with the Packers visiting the Raiders on Monday Night Football.

Here's how our staff writers believe the NFL's Week Five will play out. To view last week's picks, click here.

NFL Game Picks Record

Name: William Luke Hendrick

Record: 23-11-0 (67.6%)

Last Week: 2-0-0

Name: JT Howland

Record: 43-21-0 (67.2%)

Last Week: 13-3-0

Name: Hayden Remillard

Record: 41-23-0 (64.1%)

Last Week: 11-5-0

Name: Enrique Samano

Record: 41-23-0 (64.1%)

Last Week: 13-3-0

Name: Danny Fisher

Record: 40-24-0 (62.5%)

Last Week: 12-4-0

Name: Michael Heisner

Record: 35-29-0 (54.7%)

Last Week: 11-5-0

Chicago Bears VS Washington Commanders (Thursday, 8:15pm EST)

Pick: Washington Commanders 30-21

Reason: The Bears losing streak continues.

Pick: Washington Commanders 19-13

Reason: Both the Commanders and Bears offenses have looked great one game and terrible another game. Which version of both will we see on TNF?

Pick: Washington Commanders 23-10

Reason: The Bears stink, and the Commanders are playing with some energy.

Pick: Washington Commanders 27-23

Reason: The Bears are the worst team in football and America is going to see it on a national level.

Pick: Chicago Bears 28-24

Reason: Justin Fields plays like last week but without the game losing interception

Jacksonville Jaguars VS Buffalo Bills (Sunday, 9:30am EST)

Pick: Buffalo Bills 28-17

Reason: Bills prove their still a dominant team in the AFC for a second week in a row.

Pick: Buffalo Bills 33-23

Reason: The Jaguars call London “second home” but its the Bills who are the designated home team and my pick to win.

Pick: Buffalo Bills 20-17

Reason: The Bills may be the best team in the NFL. They get another win in England.

Pick: Buffalo Bills 23-20

Reason: Bills start to show they are the best team in the AFC.

Pick: Buffalo Bills 35-31

Reason: Battle of the offense comes down to a late game winning drive by Trevor Lawrence

New Orleans Saints VS New England Patriots (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: New England Patriots 17-10

Reason: Patriots get a bounce back win here after a blowout from the Cowboys.

Pick: New Orleans Saints 13-10

Reason: This game might be very boring to watch so give me the Saints.

Pick: New England Patriots 18-14

Reason: This game is going to be a low-scoring fist fight between two struggling teams.

Pick: New England Patriots 17-16

Reason: Pats get a must needed win.

Pick: New England Patriots 24-14

Reason: I’ll be right one of these weeks Patriots offense reaches 400 yards total offense.

Tennessee Titans VS Indianapolis Colts (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: Indianapolis Colts 23-17

Reason: I think we see Jonathan Taylor back for the Colts. Anthony Richardson and JT are too much for Tennessee.

Pick: Tennessee Titans 20-19

Reason: The Titans are an interesting team. They lost 27-3 to the Browns, but won 27-3 against the Bengals. Colts haven’t beaten Tennessee since 2020 and I am torn on this game.

Pick: Tennessee Titans 24-21

Reason: I'm looking forward to watching this matchup. I have the Titans getting the road win.

Pick: Tennessee Titans 23-17

Reason: Titans take control of the South.

Pick: Tennessee Titans 27-20

Reason: Ryan Tannehill throws for 300 yards and 3 TDs.

Baltimore Ravens VS Pittsburgh Steelers (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: Baltimore Ravens 23-13

Reason: Steelers offense has struggled all season and losing Kenny Pickett doesn't help.

Pick: Baltimore Ravens 27-24

Reason: This is a very tough pick as both teams can win this gritty matchup, but the Ravens have been hot so I’ll take them.

Pick: Baltimore Ravens 24-13

Reason: I am not picking the Steelers until they can actually score some points.

Pick: Baltimore Ravens 20-17

Reason: Ravens start to show they are the best in the AFC North.

Pick: Baltimore Ravens 28-17

Reason: Kenny Pickett and the offense continue to struggle not scoring till the 4th quarter.

Carolina Panthers VS Detroit Lions (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: Detroit Lions 27-10

Reason: At least the Panthers have their first round pick? Yikes.

Pick: Detroit Lions 34-13

Reason: Carolina is looking for its first win, but don’t expect it to come versus one of the hottest NFL squads.

Pick: Detroit Lions 28-15

Reason: The Lions continue to roll, while Bryce Young continues to struggle.

Pick: Detroit Lions 24-14

Reason: Lions this is easy.

Pick: Detroit Lions 31-17

Reason: Lions continue to dominate as they bully the Panthers.

Houston Texans VS Atlanta Falcons (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: Houston Texans 31-27

Reason: C.J. Stroud’s great start to his rookie campaign continues here.

Pick: Houston Texans 28-24

Reason: Houston cannot stop the run and that’s not good against the NFL’s best running team. But H-Town is hot and I think they can still win on the road.

Pick: Houston Texans 28-27

Reason: C.J. Stroud is good. I think he leads the Texans to a road win in Atlanta.

Pick: Atlanta Falcons 21-20

Reason: Falcons bounce back after losing in London.

Pick: Houston Texans 31-17

Reason: CJ Stroud continues to dominate throwing 4 passes and throwing for over 400 yards.

New York Giants VS Miami Dolphins (Sunday, 1:00pm EST)

Pick: Miami Dolphins 31-10

Reason: Dolphins take advantage of the lowly Giants.

Pick: Miami Dolphins 36-23

Reason: This game could get ugly as Miami wins with a scorigami.

Pick: Miami Dolphins 30-21

Reason: The Dolphins get right against the Giants.

Pick: Miami Dolphins 40-12

Reason: Don't watch if you don’t have to.

Pick: Miami Dolphins 31-10

Reason: After last week’s embarrassing loss to the Bills the Dolphins get back on track this week.

Cincinnati Bengals VS Arizona Cardinals (Sunday, 4:05pm EST)

Pick: Arizona Cardinals 27-21

Reason: The nightmare start for the Bengals continues.

Pick: Cincinnati Bengals 23-20

Reason: Surprisingly, the Cardinals have actually looked better this season. But both teams are 1-3 and I think Cincinnati gets back on track.

Pick: Cincinnati Bengals 16-8

Reason: I just want Joe Burrow to get healthy. However, the Bengals get a win over the Cardinals.

Pick: Cincinnati Bengals 28-24

Reason: Bengals get back on track after beating a bad team.

Pick: Cincinnati Bengals 28-10

Reason: Joe Burrow finally does my fantasy justice and throws for 4 TDs.

Philadelphia Eagles VS Los Angeles Rams (Sunday, 4:05pm EST)

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles 28-21

Reason: Philly dominates in the trenches and stays undefeated.

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles 24-17

Reason: Rams almost collapsed last week and now take on a very good Eagles team.

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles 35-28

Reason: I like the Rams, but the Eagles are just too good.

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles 23-16

Reason: Fly Eagles Fly.

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles 31-27

Reason: Jalen Hurts and Deandre Swift rush for over 200 yards.

New York Jets VS Denver Broncos (Sunday, 4:25pm EST)

Pick: New York Jets 21-10

Reason: Zach Wilson and the Jets defense advances over the Broncos.

Pick: New York Jets 24-21

Reason: This looked like the game of the week before the season and now its two struggling teams looking for an easy win. Lots of beef, and the Jets take this one.

Pick: Denver Broncos 24-20

Reason: The Jets lose another one on the road in Denver.

Pick: New York Jets 13-10

Reason: Don't trust either team but the Jets are better.

Pick: Denver Broncos 28-10

Reason: Zach Wilson turns back into his old self throwing 4 interceptions.

Kansas City Chiefs VS Minnesota Vikings (Sunday, 4:25pm EST)

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs 31-27

Reason: Chiefs win and the Vikings fall to 1-4. Is Kevin O’ Connell on the hot seat?

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs 35-28

Reason: Vikings could make this game close, but their defense lets the Chiefs offense go off.

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs 35-21

Reason: Despite the Vikings win in Week Four, I have no faith in them against the Chiefs.

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs 31-17

Reason: Vikings won't be able to stop the Chiefs at all.

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs 24-21

Reason: Close game but Patrick Mahomes leads the chiefs down the field with 37 seconds left for game winning field goal.

Dallas Cowboys VS San Francisco 49ers (Sunday, 8:20pm EST)

Pick: San Francisco 49ers 27-17

Reason: The 49ers have beat the Cowboys two games in a row. Make it three.

Pick: San Francisco 49ers 34-30

Reason: A playoff rematch of the past two seasons, Dallas is looking for revenge. 49ers hold off Dak and America’s team.

Pick: San Francisco 49ers 38-35

Reason: This is going to be a great game! I have the Niners winning by a field goal.

Pick: San Francisco 49ers 23-21

Reason: CMC scores again.

Pick: San Francisco 49ers 31-17

Reason: Dak struggles and CMC goes over 200 yards.

Green Bay Packers VS Las Vegas Raiders (Sunday, 8:15pm EST)

Pick: Green Bay Packers 20-13

Reason: I like the coaching mismatch of Matt LaFleur against Josh McDaniels.

Pick: Green Bay Packers 24-20

Reason: Who will be starting this week at QB for Las Vegas? Doesn’t matter as Packers defense should carry to a win.

Pick: Green Bay Packers 20-16

Reason: The Packers win in primetime against a lost Raiders squad.

Pick: Las Vegas Raiders 17-13

Reason: Packers don't look good again on National TV.

Pick: Green Bay Packers 24-17

Reason: Jordan Love goes over 300 yards passing and Josh Jacobs gets 25 yards on 18 carries.

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