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Bold 2023 NFL Season Predictions

With the NFL season less than a week away and all the preseason hype coming to a close, let's start the year the NFL season off right. In this article for the upcoming NFL season, I'll be taking a deep dive into three NFL predictions such as the Detroit Lions making the NFC Championship game and why I think they will be true by year-end. Stay tuned with yours truly for some crazy wacky fun NFL predictions.

Trevor Lawrence Brings Home The NFL MVP

Now that the Jacksonville Jaguars have finally gotten some notice with last season's late four-game win streak and comeback win against the Los Angeles Chargers in the NFL Wildcard round after being down 27-0 at one point before the end of the first half. The guy who helped achieve that was Trevor Lawrence the first overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. The former Clemson Tiger came into the league with high praise having never lost a regular season game in college, while also winning the National Title his freshmen year at Clemson.

Coming in his rookie year in the NFL Trevor Lawrence struggled mightily having thrown 17 interceptions, which was concerning since he only threw 17 interceptions in three seasons at Clemson. Having Urban Meyer, now the former head coach for the Jaguars was also no help being fired just 13 games into the 2021 NFL season. Luckily for the Jaguars, they brought in former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Peterson who won a Super Bowl with Nick Foles to help with Trevor Lawernce's progression and throw away all the trash left over by Urban Meyer.

With the help of Doug Peterson, the Jaguars went from 3-14 to 9-8 to help the team win the AFC South title in 2023. The Jaguar's only big pickup was Calvin Ridley a trade that happened at the end of the 2022 NFL trade deadline, a move that I think will pay off big for Trevor Lawernce before getting injured and suspended Ridley was a 1,000-yard receiver for the Falcons back in 2020.

The 2023 NFL season is the time for the Jaguars and Trevor Lawrence to show the NFL that last year was not a fluke. With guys like Travis Etienne, Evan Engram, and Christian Kirk still around from last year and no new head coach this year look for Trevor Lawernce to build on the end of last and have a hot start to the NFL season. My prediction is Trevor will throw for 5,050 yards, complete 69 percent of his passes, 48 touchdown passes, and just 6 interceptions.

Lions Make It To The NFC Championship Game

The Lions shocked the NFL last year finishing the year 9-8 winning eight of their last ten games after starting the year off 1-6. The best part about it was the Lions managed to beat the Packers twice even knocking them out of the playoff race to end the year. Fun fact about the Lions last year, is that they scored 24 points or more in six of their eight losses. This means that if the defense can improve from being one of the worst units last year they can be a really dangerous team in the NFL with Dan Campbell as the head coach.

To help with the struggling defense the Lions brought in Cameron Sutton, Emmanuel Mosely, and C.J. Gardner-Johnson to help sure up the secondary. Now these might not be top-tier players but they're veterans who know what they're doing and can get the job done. Add that to the promising second-year edge rusher Aiden Hutchison, and rookies Jack Campbell, and Brian Branch should make the defense competitive this year. Selecting running back Jahmyr Gibbs in the first round of the 2023 NFL draft adds speed to the Lions something they needed.

With being the talk around the NFL this offseason I expect the Lions to fully capitalize on last year's late-season success and finally make the playoffs. Not only do I have them making the playoffs I expect an NFC Championship game appearance, with a top-10 offense, improved defense, lots of good young players, and Dan Campbell coaching, This is a new era in Detroit and that era starts with making it to big-time games.

Fields And Moore Combine For Over 3,000 Yards

The Chicago Bears enter this 2023 NFL season with actual expectations on offense, with Justin Fields improving in his second NFL season and the addition of D.J. Moore a bona fide true number-one receiver from the Carolina Panthers. Now when I say 3,000 yards, I don't mean passing yards, That would be crazy, I'm taking combined receiving and rushing yards That's right we're ending this article with a bang.

I know it sounds crazy but just hear me out, last year Fields rushed for 1,143 yards that's impressive for a running back let alone a quarterback. Now I know the chances of him replicating that are slim to none but in today's NFL with how offenses are designed I think it's very possible, it also helps the Bears selected tackle Darnell Wright in the first round of the 2023 NFL draft. That will be key to Fields not only in the rushing game but also in the passing game giving him more time to throw.

With the addition of D.J. Moore the former Carolina Panthers' number-one receiver to the Bears' receiver core, the Bears have a three-time 1,000 receiver at their disposal. The best part is Moore has never had a good true NFL quarterback throwing him the ball till now. So not only has he produced in the NFL but he's done it without guys like Josh Allen or Joe Burrow throwing him the ball and with what we've seen in preseason seems like the two are already hitting it off early a sign of good things to come.

Now that Fields and Moore are hitting it off in live games, with a new offensive lineman, and newfound confidence the Bears are gonna have a top-10 offense in the NFL this year. With a new look defense this year the Bears look to slow down the rest of the NFL to give them the ball back sooner. With Moore and Fields being studs on opposite teams now united my prediction for the Bears this NFL season is the two hit it off better than expected and take the NFL by storm combining for over 3,000 yards rushing and receiving.


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