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Blockbuster Trades For The Patriots If They Want A Quarterback Change

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

The Patriots are rumored to be shopping Mac Jones. Who could New England possibly be?

After a horrible year with Cam Newton, it was clear New England needed a quarterback. With the fifteenth pick, they selected Mac Jones. Mac Jones threw for 22 touchdowns and nearly 4,000 yards in his rookie year. He regressed last year throwing for 14 touchdowns, but he had Matt Patricia as offensive coordinator. Now New England is shopping him. Who could they possibly get?

Former MVP

Lamar Jackson requested a trade from the Ravens about a month ago. Lamar and the Ravens are not able to agree on a trade. Lamar is a former MVP and he’s a top-11 quarterback in the NFL. The Ravens allowed Lamar to test the market for himself, but there don’t seem to be any suitors.

Lamar Jackson is a superstar quarterback, and he is someone you can build your entire franchise around. However, over the past two seasons he has stagnated. Although he had injuries he finished this season with 17 touchdowns and seven interceptions with 764 yards rushing. The most amount of passing yards Lamar has ever had is 3,127.

In today’s dynamic where passing has become even more important, Lamar hasn’t shown development in that area. He’s been a 1,000-yard rusher, but that style of play doesn’t last a long time. Lamar will command at least two first-round picks and a salary of 45 million or more. While he is better than Mac, this is not something the Patriots should pursue.

Trey Lance

Trey Lance entered the NFL as a raw developmental prospect who can be a top quarterback or a horrible one. Two seasons in nobody still knows. Lance is 6’4 and has a huge arm. He reportedly can run around a 4.5 40-yard dash but it isn’t official. Lance is a developmental project but the 49ers are a roster that can win now. Lance was benched his first season, but he was able to play a few games.

In 2021 Lance had thrown for 603 yards, five touchdowns to two interceptions. Lance had a 57% completion rate. In his second year, Lance threw for 194 yards and an interception and got hurt early in the year.

The 49ers aren’t the right fit for Lance. San Francisco needs a game manager who is accurate and can get the ball out quickly. Mac Jones would be a perfect fit for the 49ers.

However, the Patriots also have a solid roster. New England has a top-eight defense, a top-fifteen offensive line, and Bill Belichick. New England needs to continue building their offense around Mac Jones.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the options for a quarterback aren’t good. Lamar is elite, but acquiring him and paying him an extremely large contract wouldn’t be a good decision for the Patriots. The Patriots don’t have star talent on offense, and having a quarterback who is top-five in salary would cripple them. Lance, or drafting a quarterback wouldn’t make sense either. Mac has shown a lot of potentials so far in his career.

Mac Jones hasn’t had an opportunity to show how good he truly is. Mac didn’t have an elite receiver in his rookie year, and the Patriots appointed Matt Patricia as the offensive coordinator. The Patriots haven’t given Mac a proper chance, and it would be an ignorant move to try and trade him already.


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