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Billy Buffalo Is The NFL’s Best Mascot – A Response To Fly Eagles Nation

Billy Buffalo is the best mascot in the NFL. We’re all rather opinionated here at Stadium Rant. After all, there’s a reason we take the time to sit at a computer screen and type these pieces out. That’s why I feel completely free to take issue with the Fly Eagles Nation piece about a month ago declaring that Swoop is the best mascot in the NFL. First, the piece states that there are 32 driven teams in the NFL. Give me a break! And just as sure as you can bet all 32 teams are not driven, you can bet they all don’t have mascots that provide pride, loyalty, unity, and belonging.

But the most egregious part of the piece is that it fails to mention one mascot who would knock Swoop into next week, though it does mention Swoop bullies cardinals, falcons, ravens, and seahawks. How nice. That mascot is the one and only Billy Buffalo! Billy Buffalo represents, obviously, the best team in the NFL, the Buffalo Bills. I imagine I speak for Billy when I say that Swoop is pretty, well, meh. Kind of like the City of Philadelphia’s NFL team itself. But never fear, for some facts about Billy are here!

Billy’s Origin

In the days of the American Frontier and vast wide-open plains, when the American Bison migrated to the West, Billy decided to make his home in Western New York. He loved the Buffalo and Niagara Falls area so much that he couldn’t leave. Deciding to ultimately settle in a suburb called Orchard Park, he eventually made his way to his first ever football game. He immediately fell in love with the game. From that point on, he knew his decision to come to Western New York was the best one he could’ve made for himself.

Billy is a commanding presence. He stands at 7’2” and weighs in at 1,000 lbs on the scale. But despite his gargantuan proportions, he has made it a point over the years to become less intimidating to other people. In 2018, he underwent a makeover to appear friendlier to younger fans. Everyone who knows him, though, knows his heart has always been in the right place. That’s why you will always find him out in the community doing his part to make it a better place to live.

Buffalo Wings & Blue Cheese

While Billy’s size means he doesn’t have the special talents that Swoop has, he makes up for this with his dedication to his work ethic. He’s always the first one on the field for both practices and games, as well as the last one to leave. There’s always one more fan who wants to meet him, say hello, or take pictures with him, and he would never dare to disappoint any of his fellow Bills fans.

And Swoop may have his own television show, but Billy spends his time away from public view making sure his half-ton frame can continue sustaining itself. It takes a lot of calories to sustain and support that kind of size, and that’s why Billy loves buffalo wings with blue cheese.

Billy is also more truthful than Swoop. He wonders what exactly all that brotherly love stuff is about anyhow? The times he’s accompanied the Bills to Philadelphia, he’s seen Eagles fans throw bottles, cans, wrappers, and other things at opposing teams and fans. He doesn’t understand why Swoop would say one thing and do another.

He’s proud to be part of a fanbase that doesn’t cloak itself in contradiction. He wonders if Swoop deserved to get in a physical altercation with Ace Ventura. He also wonders why a fellow NFL mascot would waste any of their time on the set of a movie like Ace Ventura.

Making The Right Moves

Billy is always about taking the right action in a given moment. Recently, when Buffalo was the victim of a mass shooting, he made sure he was there to accompany the rest of the Bills on their way to give comfort and support to the community in a hard time. He’s been very good at this over the years. Whether it’s responding to a community in need of support from a traumatic incident or simply pumping up Bills fans during seasons when there hasn’t been much to cheer for, he’s always been there for his city.

And no matter which version of Billy fans respond better to, there’s no denying his overall impact in any incarnation on his team and his city. In 2022, he’s ready to lead his team out of the tunnels once again. These days, he fully expects and anticipates competing for the Super Bowl. While Swoop and the Eagles are pretending that 2022 is going to be a big year for them with the addition of A.J. Brown, Billy knows that his Bills aren’t pretending to be anything. It’s been a long time coming for the NFL’s greatest mascot, and he believes that 2022 is the year it all comes together.

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