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Bills-Vikings Score Predictions: Can The Bills Get Through A Test Potentially Without Josh Allen?

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

The specter of the Josh Allen injury certainly hangs over the Bills ahead of a game against one of the NFL’s best. This will be a different test than what Buffalo has faced so far this season. Will they survive it? Stadium Rant gets together to predict the outcome, followed by my own thoughts.

Stadium Rant’s Score Predictions For Bills-Vikings

@PatKeefe12 – Stadium Rant AFC East Managing Editor: Bills 17 – Vikings 20

“The Bills struggle mightily without josh allen in a close game and defensive battle which easily clears the under”

While Buffalo has deep team at many positions, that doesn’t change the fact that the team’s nucleus is still Allen. They’re going to have trouble offensively with him out of the picture. And while Allen is still questionable, I feel that starting him is an unnecessary risk that the Bills won’t take with their future, both this season and beyond, at stake. The Buffalo defense will certainly keep things low-scoring, though, so the under is a smart bet if Allen doesn’t play.

@meechmelanin – Contributing Writer For Panthers Pounce: Bills 24 – Vikings 27

“Somehow, the Vikings will find a way to squeeze out of the game. Josh Allen is nursing an elbow injury, which could cause a toll on Buffalo’s passing game. But the bills defensive front will keep them in the game, harassing Kirk Cousins. Either way, the game should remain a close one down the stretch.

This definitely has close game written all over it, and as this prediction mentions, the key matchup will be how Buffalo’s well-rounded and potent defense can stop a versatile and dangerous Vikings offense. If they can do that, the equation will certainly get simpler for the Buffalo offense regardless of who’s under center.

@Kevin_Brzostek – Stadium Rant Front Page Editor-In-Chief: Bills 23 – Vikings 20

Vikings win if Allen doesn’t play but the Bills should win this one if he does play. Josh Allen would likely already be out if it was serious. He’ll lead a game winning field goal drive over a tough Vikings team.

It’s hard to see this outcome not being heavily dependent on the presence of Allen. Of course, both teams are talented enough to take advantage of a poor showing from the other regardless of who’s under center, but Allen gives the Bills a much better chance to win. The Vikings team they’re playing would have a chance to beat them even if fully healthy given how they’ve played so far this season.

My Own Thoughts

I think the Vikings take this one 23-17. I don’t see the point in a super bowl contending team with a true franchise quarterback (one of the best in the league) to rush his return when they’re in such a commanding position in the conference. And as such, I don’t see Buffalo bringing Josh Allen into this game, one that would be tough even with him in there.

The Vikings are a complete team, especially on offense, and have incredible weapons. A group of Thielen, Jefferson, Hockensen and Cook forming the attack axis in a high-powered offense is hard for any defense to deal with. With Allen out, though, Buffalo’s best hope is to turn this game into a low-scoring battle, and their defense, even against Minnesota, gives them a chance. However, the team they play is one of the best in the NFL. They’d need their star quarterback to win this one.

Josh Allen is the future of the franchise. The Bills could win it all this year. These are more important than Sunday’s game. Expect Buffalo to still bring intensity and a high level; when that happens, they can never be counted out.


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