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Bills Training Camp – Notes From The Early Days

With the Buffalo Bills’ 2022 training camp underway, excitement for the start of the 2022 NFL season is starting to ramp up. Training camp is when all of the offseason talk starts to fade away and the reality of a team and its players begins to take shape. Few, if any, teams had as much hype as the Bills did entering this year’s camp. Though it’s still early, there are observations of the team thus far that warrant noting.

With the wide array of intrigue for the Bills by much of the media, there are several different positions being watched closely in Bills training camp. Some new arrivals from the offseason have got people’s ears perked as well. So, what does all of this add up to through the early days of training camp? What about Josh Allen’s goal to improve his accuracy? What about the injury to Tre’Davious White? Other things?

Josh Allen

According to reports, Josh Allen had an excellent fourth day of training camp. This comes after reports that the defense had an excellent third day of camp. Allen is reported to have thrown as many as seven touchdowns on day four while practicing in the red zone. What’s even more encouraging about this report is what it goes on to say – that the ball was being passed around and several different players were hauling in touchdowns. Isaiah McKenzie, Dawson Knox, Stefon Diggs, and Gabriel Davis are each said to have had a touchdown catch during these red zone drills.

Khalil Shakir / Jamison Crowder

Thus far, it appears that Khalil Shakir was a shrewd choice for the Bills in the 2022 NFL Draft. After much offseason talk about whether Shakir would even be able to make the team, reports show that he’s already been practicing with the second team and performing pretty well at that. But these reports don’t come without a bit of disheartening news to accompany them. Jamison Crowder has missed three straight days of training camp as he tends to an injury. According to the team, this injury is mere soreness, and Crowder is listed at the moment as day-to-day, good news to an otherwise concerning report.

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Tre’Davious White

Speaking of injuries, Tre’Davious White, not surprisingly, has been on the PUP list since the start of training camp. There is also a bit of a reason to feel good about this as well, as White has been working with the training staff in a limited capacity. Reportedly, he’s been able to do as much as sprint with a parachute and jump off his injured left knee. It’s honestly kind of impressive that he’s already been able to participate in this capacity given the injury he suffered.

Ed Oliver

One of the players with a lot of hype entering training camp was Ed Oliver. So far, it appears that Oliver is living up to this hype. In the early days of camp, he’s already shown the capability to get to the quarterback and even run down rookie running back James Cook to the sideline. Given the speed, Cook possesses, this is a remarkable feat.

There’s good reason for Bills fans to feel good about the progress Oliver is making as a defensive tackle for the team. Signs thus far point to his once again improving upon the player he was the season before.

Von Miller

As for Von Miller, the defensive coaching staff is reportedly working on the best ways to utilize the future Hall-of-Famer. The defensive unit run by the Bills is different than that which Miller has been used to playing throughout his career, but according to the coaching staff, there’s no reason to fret.

What’s more, Miller has been around the league long enough to know what the snap count situation is with the Bills’ defense before he signed on to such a big deal. At 33, his snap percentage looks to sit around 79%. Those are the hopes of the defensive staff at the moment.

It’s great that the offense has shown the ability to move the ball around seamlessly thus far in training camp. It’s also great that Ed Oliver is continuing to improve and that Von Miller is adjusting to what his role will be. The injury to Tre’Davious White continues to be a concern for the team, even if the path to recovery seems to be going as well as could be expected. There also doesn’t seem to be a reason to be concerned about Jamison Crowder.

But time will ultimately tell all.

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