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Biggest Stage In Football: Broncos Keys To The Game To Dominate 49ers At Home On SNF

Week three is when true contending NFL teams start to separate from the pack. It’s the week when teams have had close to enough time to gel. The Broncos have had obvious struggles to this point. Coming into this week facing the 49er’s; all of Broncos Country knows this will be a test that will certainly show where the Broncos stand.

All blues for #SNF 🥶🫡 — Denver Broncos (@Broncos) September 22, 2022

Run The Ball

The first key of the game is as simple as that. Give the ball on designed run’s to Javonte Williams. He’s a young RB with star potential. He’s averaging 5.4 yards per carry so far in the two games played. But he’s also been Russell Wilson’s check down man in the pass game.

Some see the dump-offs are essentially a run anyways. I am here to tell you it is nowhere close. Running the ball is an attitude that is effective when committed to, you need that attitude when playing a defense like the 49ers. Williams is an absolute rock that can wear down defense’s, it needs to be committed to with no excuses.

Melvin Gordon makes this RB duo one of the best in the league. He is a big body back who has a nose for the end-zone. If he can hold on to the ball, between him and Williams it truly makes the Broncos running game a huge threat that needs to be respected. However, you cannot earn that respect if you don’t get the running game involved early. So, get it involved early!

Get To Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo is a proven middle of the road QB. He has been to a Super Bowl with San Francisco but wasn’t able to get the job done with a lethal defense. He steps in after Trey Lance’s season ending injury against the Seahawks.

Most likely they will throw out all the plans they had for Lance this year and go back to how they attacked the defense with Garoppolo. Empower Field is going to be electric on Sunday Night as this is an obvious big time game. Dre’Mont Jones, D.J. Jones, Randy Gregory, and Bradley Chubb are going to get opportunities to get after him. They need to capitalize, and get the veteran QB out of his elements.

If he is comfortable, he will be able to lean on the run game and dink and dunk on the Broncos just like Geno Smith did week one. The d-line and pass rushers got their way a couple of times against Davis Mills and the Texans. If they can get that going it will have a massive impact in a positive way for Denver.


If the Broncos staff can execute in play calling, clock management, and just about every other coaching duty that they have failed on miserably up to this point; the Broncos will have a good shot on Sunday Night. It will be a battle and test that Denver wasn’t taking 100% seriously with Trey Lance at QB. However, now that Jimmy G is at the drivers seat this game just got that much harder.

Pat Surtain II and Jerry Jeudy being active or not is a huge deal. Jeudy was leaned on significantly by Wilson during the first two games. Courtland Sutton stepped up big when Jeudy went down with injury against the Texans, but Sutton alone is not enough for this Broncos offense to be at the level they need to be at against the solid 49ers defense. Surtain II is already a top 10 CB in the AFC and possibly the NFL, it’s obvious that the defense needs his help. Especially with S Justin Simmons on IR.

With all that being said, if either Surtain II or Jeudy can play I truly believe this will be a very close game. I’m going to be optimistic even though I probably will regret it. I have the Broncos beating the 49ers in dramatic fashion 28-24 and Hackett redeeming himself in front of a national audience.

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