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Big3 Basketball League: Exciting Acquisition Unveiled!

Recent headlines bore some exciting news for Big3 Basketball League fans. A model change is gaining momentum and Texas is the newest base for change.

O'Shea Jackson (Ice Cube) On Big3 League

O’Shea Jackson's plan for the Big3 League as he envisions is coming to fruition. As Jackson relayed to Bloomberg, he is all about expansion for the Big 3. In his words,

"We need to plant our roots in cities to be more than a rolling all-star game coming through."

And after the announcement of the most recent sale, it seems things are progressing nicely. This is a welcome change for basketball fans.

NBA is an expansive league that has gone unrivaled for years. To see a new league pick up the momentum the Big3 has and bore success is a testament to the power of the sport.

 At the end of the day, fans want to see the best of the best compete.

Admittedly, I for one, didn’t think the Big3 would become as big as it has. I didn’t believe it would still be around. However, not only is the league still around, but it's flourishing and growing into something bigger. One reason for that is that the Big3 benefits from having a roster of retired NBA players and that’s also a unique advantage.

What do Recent Headlines Indicate About the Big3

Big changes are ahead with more potential than once thought. With the initial model, it wouldn’t seem that the Big3 could be a relative threat to the NBA. But to survive the period of speculation and grow to the point of putting down roots in different cities sends smoke signals of change. It has even led to speculation that the NBA has bribed some of its players not to sign with the Big3 raising anti-trust issues. But that’s a topic for another article.

Expansion is an Indicator of Power

One thing the league's success speaks of is the effectiveness of the league's management. It doesn’t only require good strategic positioning, but a great eye for talent. Cube seems to know talent and what works.

Per recent coverage on Yahoo Sports, one player Cube had his eye on is Caitlin Clark. Reportedly, Clark, at the time, had not long been drafted to the WNBA team Indiana Fever. What caught Cube's attention was not only her skill. According to the league founder,

“Her impact on the ratings is something undeniable. She was doing better ratings than the NBA.” That’s saying a lot.

Big3 Transition to Home-Based Model

Why is the shift a good strategic move? This franchise has been a notable success drawing in crowds of an average of 14,000 fans every weekend. And that’s for a league whose model was a travel league that essentially held games during the NBA’s off-season.

But by putting down roots, that could very well change. Sport exists for the fans. With demand often comes a shift in perspective and positioning. And not to mention the expectation is for exponentially more growth as the teams find a place to call home.

Using the numbers to articulate the voice of the fans and respond is a phenomenal business move. It is indicative of bigger things on the horizon. This speaks a great deal to the alleged fear tactics undertaken by the NBA.

Latest Big3 Team Sold to be Based in Houston

With two teams already sold, headlines of another acquisition raise a great deal of excitement. Reportedly, energy executives made the latest purchase for the Big3 team to be based in Houston. The property was valued at an astounding $10 million. As Big3 reports,

"Milton Carroll and Eric Mullins will take ownership for the 2025 season when all Big3 teams will represent home markets."

That's big for so many reasons. Most importantly, it means that the Big3 will be rooted in cities across the United States, thereby boosting the potential for expansion of the league's fan base.

What's on the Horizon

This is only the beginning. There is so much more in store. There are plans to sell all 12 of the league's existing teams and expand into other markets. As Afrotech notes, this will look like an expansion to 16 teams in England and Canada. Who knows, maybe there will finally be a league to rival the NBA on home soil.

What a time to be a basketball fan.


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