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Big Patriots Contributors Who Are Under The Radar In 2022

The Patriots have added many new pieces over the last two seasons. As a result, many players have the potential to have good years for the Patriots in 2022. However, there are also a few overlooked players who will also be significant contributors to the Patriots. Here are the three most prominent under-the-radar players who will contribute to the team.

James White

James White has been with New England for multiple seasons, and it’s easy to focus on other players, primarily when the running back room consists of talented, productive backs like Damien Harris and Rhamondre Stevenson. However, James White was one of Mac Jones’ favorite targets throughout the first few weeks of the season. White provides an excellent presence in the short passing game, and he has good chemistry with Mac.

James White is a versatile running back that has excelled with Bill Belichick. He is a reliable pass-catching running back and can even be a good rusher. As mentioned before, James White has built good chemistry with Mac, and it can indeed be built upon more. Unfortunately, white had to miss most of the season due to an injury, and his presence was certainly missed.

James White is a swiss army knife, and he can be productive in multiple ways. James White was on a great trajectory until he got injured. White is an excellent veteran to have for the Patriots and will be an outstanding productive contributor.

Nelson Agholor

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While it may seem odd to mention Nelson Agholor as an under-the-radar player, with the breakout of Kendrick Bourne, a reliable receiver in Jakobi Meyers, and the additions of Devante Parker and Tyquan Thornton, Agholor has become overlooked. Agholor broke out with Derek Carr, and he was fantastic at getting open down the field. The team needed a burner down the field, and they signed Agholor.

The first season left a lot to be desired. But the reality is that Agholor was viewed more as a two-receiver in this offense during 2021, which wasn’t ideal for him. Agholor is best suited where he doesn’t get most of the defensive attention, and he can do what he does best: get open down the field. As mentioned before, New England has a lot of other productive receivers. The situation Agholor is in currently is perfect. He won’t be focused on, and he will be able to thrive in his role. Agholor can be a key contributor in 2022.

Jonathan Jones

Jonathan Jones’ absence last year was overlooked. Jones was a reliable corner who has been with them for multiple seasons. Jones is familiar with the Patriots’ system and is a good corner. Jones being injured was one of the causes for the inconsistent defense. In the NFL today, teams don’t have one receiver that can hurt you; they have multiple. So, even though they had star corner, J.C. Jackson, they still were missing Jones.

Jones is a very versatile player in the secondary, and he will likely have a more prominent role in 2022 due to J.C. Jackson being gone. Jones is a solid slot corner, and he’s improved on pass defense too. Jones will be a good contributor for the Patriots in 2022, especially since he’ll have more playing time and a more significant role. Jonathan Jones could be in line for a great season, and it wouldn’t be the first time Bill Belichick took an under-the-radar player and turned him into a key player for the Patriots.

Adrian Phillips

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The secondary is considered the weak spot for the Patriots’ defense, but they have plenty of talent to be a good department. As mentioned before, Jonathan Jones will have an increased role, and Adrian Phillips might be too. Phillips was a pro bowler with the Chargers, and then he signed with the Pats. Since then, he has excelled. Phillips was a good contributor for the Chargers, and he’s also been a good contributor for the Patriots.

Phillips will have a more prominent role heading into 2022. He’s a great tackler for the safety position, and he’s very good at breaking up passes. Phillips is highly versatile, and he’s been a great fit playing for Bill Belichick. They could extend Phillips, which was a great move. With an increased role, he has the potential to be one of the best safeties in the game. Adrian Phillips is an excellent veteran presence, and he’s been nothing remarkable with the Patriots. Phillips has an excellent season ahead of him in 2022.

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