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Best Landing Spots For NFL Superstars On The Move In 2023

Every offseason we see a plethora of players in the NFL switch it up and move on to a new scenario. Sometimes it’s the choice of the players, sometimes it’s business. Last offseason we saw a couple of big shake-ups. Tyreek Hill to Miami, Davante Adams to Las Vegas, and AJ Brown to Philadelphia just to name a few. Sometimes these guys just feel stale in their current situation, or teams just aren’t willing to pay them, resulting in sending them somewhere that will. Who’s on the move this off-season in the NFL?

Michael Thomas To Cleveland

Saints Wide Receiver Michael Thomas has been an enigma for a while now, but one thing we do know is when he plays, he’s special. The only problem is, Thomas has only played ten games in the past three years of NFL action. He’s battled several injuries to the lower body over that span, mostly being foot/ankle related.

In his three games played this season, Thomas posted 171 yards on 16 receptions and three touchdowns. Things were starting to look up again for the former Ohio State Buckeye when the injury bug decided to come back, ending Thomas’ season. He’s also making an unholy amount of money this upcoming season, meaning the Saints will more than likely look to move him.

One possible suitor could be the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland is looking to stack the cupboards for the franchise quarterback they brought the Brinks Truck last offseason. Amari Cooper had a great year in Cleveland, but he needs help. Getting Deshaun Watson more weapons will only free up more for Cooper and Nick Chubb. They already have a good defense, and can climb up the NFL ladder with this acquisition. Thomas would also get a chance to return to Ohio, this time in Cleveland instead of Columbus.

Aaron Rodgers Wakes Up In Sin City

This feels inevitable at this point, right? The four-time MVP Aaron Rodgers appears to be done in Green Bay. Will he want to pack it all up and move to a new city? Only a “Darkness Retreat” will tell. Rodgers should be foaming at the mouth to join Davante Adams in Vegas. We all saw the magic they had for all those years in Green Bay. The grass wasn’t greener for Adams in Vegas, missing the playoffs and losing his old college buddy Derek Carr.

Rodgers still has some gas in the tank. This past season he posted a 64.6% completion rate. He threw for 3,695 yards with 26 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. He could give this NFL thing one last push for a season or two. Does he want to though? Nobody ever knows what is on the quarterback’s mind. The only other place seen as a suitor for Rodgers at the time is the New York Jets, but we have to imagine Rodgers would rather be in Vegas with Adams. Rodgers to the Raiders has big Kenny Stabler vibes. A gunslinging quarterback who doesn’t necessarily fit the status quo, whatever that means.

Jalen Ramsey In Black & Gold

Judging by his Instagram posts after the last game of the season, Jalen Ramsey is ready to move on from the Rams. The window seems to be closed. They got a ring and everything was worth it, but now Ramsey wants more. Even in a down year, Ramsey was still one of the best corners in the NFL. Playing in 17 games, Ramsey came up with four interceptions and two forced fumbles to go with one fumble recovery. He made 88 total tackles, 64 of which were solo. Ramsey made his sixth pro bowl and was one of the Rams’ only stars who stayed healthy most of the year.

With a player of Ramsey’s pedigree, almost every team in the league will feel in the mix for him. Going to Pittsburgh would make the highest-paid defense in the league even more expensive. Luckily, Pittsburgh doesn’t have anyone to pay at the moment on the offensive side of the ball, so the time is now. They must strike while the iron is hot. With a star-studded pass rush featuring the likes of TJ Watt, Cam Heyward, Alex Highsmith, and company, All-Pro Minkah Fitzpatrick and Jalen Ramsey could be deadly on the back end.

Deandre Hopkins Gets Mile High

Former Texans and current Cardinals Wide Receiver Deandre Hopkins is still a special talent in the NFL, even at age 30. Hopkins is coming off a season that only saw him play nine games due to a suspension to start the year. But when he came back it was very apparent he and quarterback Kyler Murray hadn’t missed a beat. If only that bumbling fool Kliff Kingsbury wasn’t in the way. Hopkins went on to post 64 receptions for 717 yards and three touchdowns in his nine games played.

Originally, it felt like Hopkins could’ve been on the way to meet up with Bill Belichick in New England. However, the Patriots recently hired former Texans Head Coach Bill O’Brien to be the offensive coordinator. O’Brien was the man in Houston that traded Hopkins for pennies to the Cardinals.

A dark horse landing spot for the Wide Receiver if Arizona decides to move on could be Denver. Newly acquired Head Coach Sean Payton is widely regarded as an offensive guru. Payton will want to get Russell Wilson some weapons. The current receiving core isn’t awful, but could certainly use a facelift. Hopkins could come in and be the star they need, and the security blanket Russell Wilson could use.

Jimmy GQ Takes A Bite Out Of The Big Apple

Jimmy Garappolo might not be as big of a superstar as the other guys on this list, but he’s still a starting quarterback in the NFL and will find a home somewhere. Garappolo seems like a perfect fit for the Jets. He’s like a good Zach Wilson. Garappolo keeps it simple and gets the ball to his playmakers. Something reigning Offensive Rookie of the Year Garrett Wilson would surely love.

Last season in San Francisco, Garappolo wasn’t even supposed to play. It was supposed to be rookie Trey Lance’s time until he got injured, springing Garappolo back into his starting job. In his 11 games played, he put up a 67.2% completion percentage, throwing for 2,437 yards and 16 touchdowns. Garappolo led the 49ers to a playoff spot before getting hurt, effectively ending his 49ers career.

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