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Best Buffalo Bills Future Lines To Bet On

The state of New York legalized mobile Sports Betting this past January, and we got a little taste of betting on the football playoffs and the excitement that can bring us if you’re responsible with your betting. However, this is a new year and we’re getting close to the beginning of the season! And if you’re like me, an avid sports bettor, you’re very excited for the NFL season to start and for your bets and parlays to hit and to make some money!

In this article, I’m going to be going over some of the best future Buffalo bets that stuck out to me. In no particular order. Keep note, that these are based on Fan Duel lines. Let’s get into it!

Bills Win Total

Buffalo’s O/U win total currently sits at 11.5 with the over being -135 and the under being +115, meaning the Bills are expected to exceed that 12-win mark. I think this is a great bet to take if you’re a Bills fan or just an NFL fan in general. Buffalo won 11 games last year with some very disappointing losses and games that are unlikely to happen again. (ie Jaguars, Steelers, Pats wind game, Titans slip, etc.).

While the Bills’ schedule is definitely tougher this year with games against the Rams, Packers, Chiefs, Bengals, and Ravens, this Bills team is definitely better. They added key pieces to both sides of the ball, and this is a team that is expected to win at least 12 games this year and compete for the Lombardi Trophy.

The Bills are currently favored in every single game this year including their week one showdown against the Rams as they’re a -1.5 favorite to win that game. If you’re taking that into consideration, then the Vegas odds makers are expecting them to exceed that win total, barring any major injuries on the team, of course, making this a great bet if you’re looking for Bills futures.

Bills To Win the Division

Buffalo currently has the second-best odds of any team to win their division at -220. The only team with better odds than them is Brady and the Bucs at -270. If you’re pretty confident that the Bills are going to win the division this isn’t a bad bet. Although there isn’t much value to it, a $100 bet on this only wins you about $45.

So, this probably isn’t the best bet to make if you’re going to bet it straight. If you were going to make this bet, then you should parlay it with another heavy favorite to give you better odds. A parlay of the Bills and Bucs to win their respective divisions is +100 meaning it’s basically even money, a $100 bet wins $100.

Again, the chances of the Bills winning the division, in my opinion, are very good. But unless you’re ok laying the juice on that, there isn’t much value here.

Bills’ Josh Allen Total Rushing Touchdowns

Josh Allen’s total rushing touchdowns currently sit at 6.5 at -112. Allen hit this mark in three of his first four seasons as a starter. Last season Josh Allen had six rushing touchdowns. However, this still feels like a number that Allen should get. While I don’t think that Allen is going to run as much this year because they want longevity out of Allen and he’s already taken some rough hits in his young career, he’s still Buffalo’s best option around the goal-line. 

Allen is very capable of scoring multiple rushing touchdowns per game and for him to get seven of them through 17 games seems fairly do-able, especially with this high-powered Bills’ offense, Allen is sure to get a lot of opportunities around the goal-line. I like the “over” for this prop for Josh. While, like I previously said, I doubt he’ll be rushing this much this year, around the goal-line he is still the Bills’ best weapon, especially if the Bills’ ground game struggles, and I’m guessing Buffalo will be saving him for those scoring chances.

Bills’ Gabe Davis Receiving Yards

This is one of my favorite props that I have already put some money on. The Gabe Davis breakout year is in full effect and I’m buying into the hype of it all. Davis is stepping into the number two wide receiver role this year and it will be his first year as a full-time starter and he is so ready for the opportunity. Davis’ O/U is set at 850.5 and I think he’ll blow by this number.

Last year in his limited opportunities, he finished with 599 yards on 35 receptions. My guess is he’ll come close to doubling his receptions this year which should easily put him past his target yardage of 851 yards. Depending of course on how you think Davis is going to perform this year in his first year as a full-time starter.

I have yet to see anyone say they don’t trust Davis as the number two wide receiver, or they don’t think he’s going to have a good year. You have one of the best quarterbacks and offenses in the league and another elite wide receiver opposite of Davis, which should give him added opportunities as well this year, due to Diggs getting the majority of the coverage and safety help.

This is one of my favorite Bills’ prop bets this year, barring injury, it sure seems like Davis is capable of putting up 50+ yards per game. We saw how he handled himself in the divisional round against the Chiefs when Diggs was taken away and Davis feasted. I see Davis feeding off of that performance all year this year.

Bills to Win the Super Bowl

The Bills are currently the betting odds favorite to win the Super Bowl this year. Man, is it a great time to be a Bills fan or what? The Bills sit at +650 with the Buccaneers the next highest favorite at +750. This is the Bills year to win it. It’s Super Bowl or bust this year. This is their shot, they have the pieces, they have the experience, this is going to be their best shot to win it all. A $100 bet on this would pay out $650 if the Bills were to win the Super Bowl this year. 

This one is subjective. If you’re confident, if you truly believe the Bills are destined to win the Super Bowl this year then let’s ride this future together!

More betting articles are going to be coming throughout the season with focus on the Buffalo Bills! Stay tuned.

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