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Belichick Mad? Patriots Crazy For Not Naming OC In 2022?

It’s no secret that things run differently in Foxboro than in the other 31 locations around the league. So it pays to go against the grain.

The success seems to be fading. Two playoff appearances without showing anything for it forced Belichick and Kraft to change their game plan. Of course, everyone is quick to blame the offense, but the Bills did NOT punt once in the last two meetings between the two teams.

McDaniels waved goodbye to Gillette for the second time while Joe Judge and Matt Patricia walked through the front door, but not to replace McDaniels.

What’s Going On In Foxboro? Is Belichick Okay?

Uncertainty. A lot of it.

Judge and Patricia spoke to the media this week about their new roles. However, when asked about its details, they failed to provide any substance. They seem to be excited about the chance to be back but lost in how they will help the team. 

“Look, I’ll tell you directly and honestly right now, nothing has been declared or decided or voiced to me. … In terms of who calls plays, to be honest with you, that’s not the main focus right now. When Coach wants to go ahead and declare a role like that, he’ll tell us.” Joe Judge ESPN
“I’ve been out there with the offensive guys, working with the offensive line,” Patricia said, via Mark Daniels of the Providence Journal. “It’s been fun to get back to that and get back to my roots.” “I don’t like to bother him,” Patricia said of Scarnecchia, “but there’s a lot of roots there and I appreciate him. It’s been fun.” Matt Patricia Pro Football Talk

There has been zero insight on who will be calling offensive plays in 2022. There is some clarification in the specific positional roles they will play. As far as the playcalling and leadership go, silence fills the facilities. The noise comes from the room where it happens. 

Everyone has their theories on how the season will play out. Critiques fly around more than compliments. As they should, remember that both coordinator spots are vacant. It’s May.

Patriot Pitts’s Theory For The Season

I refuse to listen to the same thing being talked about at nauseum daily. There is no substance to their opinions. It’s make-believe.

Belichick brought these guys back for a reason, but their first gigs failed. Lions fans chased Patricia out of town. Joe Judge gave his all. 

Their job is to be sponges. Belichick intends to help them absorb. Patricia has begun working with the offensive linemen. Yes, he was the last defensive coordinator for New England. So why wouldn’t Bill stick him?

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First, Patricia cannot be a coordinator forever. Only a select few are built for that. He needs to learn all aspects in order to sniff what Belichick’s cooking. He struggled in many areas when coaching the Lions, but the offensive line is the most noticeable. Running backs struggled to hit the gaps, gain yards, or even find the end zone.

Second, the Patriots need to stop resurrecting Ernie Adams and Dante Scarnecchia from retirement. Every time the line crumbles, these two are sent to repair it. Patricia seems to be the only man up for the task. I believe in him.

The 2021 Giants offense speaks for itself. They finished as the second-worst offense in the league, with the Texans as the only team with fewer total yards. What could be worse than spending 70+ million dollars for a receiver with zero touchdowns? That may be more of a Daniel Jones issue.

The Patriots make decisions with purpose. The organization runs more like a business rather than a football team. It is the biggest reason for their consistent success.

In Belichick, We Trust. That’s the motto.

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