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Belichick Could Be The Next Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach

On Thursday, I listened to Felger and Mazz on 98.5 on the Sports Hub On Boston radio. They brought up an exciting point about why Belichick has yet to get a job. He waits for Andy Reid to retire after this year's playoff run, and Belichick slides right in to take the job. 

Reid, who will be 66 years old in March, could potentially retire if the Chiefs win another Super Bowl. Belichick, who will be 72 this year and has shown the world that he still wants to coach, could be a potential successor. However, this scenario hinges on Reid's retirement and the Chiefs' willingness to bring Belichick on board. 

Belichick coached the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady, and won six Super Bowls with him, so why not coach the guy chasing Brady in Patrick Mahomes? 

Belichick's ego took a huge hit when Brady left him and went on to win a Super Bowl in Tampa Bay. In the last four years without Brady, Belichick's team only made the playoffs once and could have been better the other three years. 

Belichick looks at this like I could go to Kansas City and win more rings, then Tom and also help get Mahomes more rings and try to catch Brady one day. 

Who knows, maybe Belichick realizes he can't win with a bad quarterback, and it's not all about him. 

Is Belichick going to Kansas City real? No, but what if Reid does retire? Then, we will have many questions that need to be answered. 

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