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Belichick And The Patriots Are Underdogs Again, Here’s Why Everybody Else Should Be Terrified

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Some people are born to be bakers, others musicians, whatever, the point is obviously that Bill Belichick was quite clearly born to be a Head Coach in the NFL. If you’re an advanced enough fan of the game and have taken in enough off-season content from the entire NFL over the years, you’re most likely in agreement that Bill Belichick is the greatest Head Coach in the history of the NFL.

Bill’s greatness becomes obvious once you witness the turnover rate for Head Coaches year after year continue to be impressive if not predictable. I mean, how many rookie Head Coaches do we have this year alone? Five guys at the helm of a new team this year, though not all of them true rookies with Sean Payton, and Frank Reich in the mix.

I guess what I’m getting at is that longevity at the position is just as uncertain as anything else in any other cutthroat business industry. The man is still here for a reason. It’s because he’s the best Head Coach money can buy, and likely the best Head Coach the world has to offer. Deal with it.

He also wouldn’t be here unless he truly loved still loved it, and lived every second for it. Which should always give you something to feel good about it. Some people might think he’s simply going to Coach until he breaks Don Shula’s record for most wins all-time in the NFL.

Unless everything he’s ever said to the media has been a complete farce, Bill Belichick’s coaching is motivated by far more than the prospect of achieving a record or accolade.

There’s something the man possesses that is truly intangible and beautiful.

How many people in this world can you think of that are as committed to their craft (no pun intended) as Bill Belichick? It’s a short list at any rate, and if I hear one more Patriots fan question the presence of the master, I am going to eat their Patriots hat in one bite.

Time And Time

He’s done it so many times it’s hard to count. From turning a 3-13 Browns club into an 11-5 playoff team in the ’90s to turning a 5-11 2000 Patriots team into an 11-5 2001 Super Bowl Championship winner a year later. If you’re writing him off, you either don’t know anything about football, or you’re probably a little masochistic.

Either way, if anyone can pull a team together, at any point, this is the guy who can do it. It’s absolutely insane that some journos (who shall remain unnamed) are calling for the Patriots to have a 4-13 season this year for some reason. By my predictions, we could easily go 15-2. Don’t quote me on that though.

Our defense looks insane this year by every account and should be incredibly fun to watch. The offense on the other hand is going to be a complete mystery to everybody. I think it’s fair to say fans would be ecstatic with a low mistake mid-tier end-of-season stat line posted by Mac Jones.

The defense is clearly the focus of this team currently, so the offense just has to come together and figure out how to not be the 3rd worst offense in the NFL again and we’ll stand a chance at making the playoffs at the very least.

With Belichick back at the helm and BOB set to replace Matt Patricia for Offensive play-calling duties this season, it would be fairly foolish to assume we don’t see some significant improvements over last season’s offense given Bill’s track record.

There have even been constant reports of an improved or perhaps restored connection of faith between Bill Belichick and Mac Jones. If the Patriots aren’t at least a mid-tier offense this season I will eat my own hat I guess, since we’re on the topic of eating hats today.

Least In The East?

So far, most rankings have us ranked as the consensus worst team in the AFC East this year. Below the Dolphins even… It’s going to be a rough look for every person who made these rankings come the end of this upcoming season.

There is no way in hell The Patriots don’t thrive in their new underdog mentality and use it to go at least 9-8. Though, If we finish 3rd in the AFC East this season, that’s acceptable, the Jets look very formidable for literally the first time ever, and we already know Buffalo’s current team has looked decent enough in recent history.

The race for supremacy in the AFC East this year is going to be a tight one, between three and possibly even four great teams. You certainly can’t completely dismiss the Dolphins yet either, as they’ve accomplished so much as such a young team, and their ceiling is probably quite similar to the ceiling of the Eagles (who obviously made it to the super bowl last season).

None of us have any idea really, but I still can’t believe these clowns who have us penciled in for 4-13. In my humble opinion, Patriots fan or not, I think we could start out the season 4-0, and when I see an article somewhere, where someone thinks we’ll only win four games over the entire season, I smile for two reasons.

The first reason is that the Patriots will take every word of doubt from any publication that dares doubt the Patriots Way and get as much motivation out of it as they need to in order to prove that they have what it takes to be Champions meaning that these idiots could be inadvertently providing the Patriots with the very juice that fuels their success.

The second is because I know that New England Patriots fans will never let these people live it down when Bill Belichick inevitably leads our beloved team to at least one more championship in the coming years.

I mean, Belichick is such a good coach that his dog could probably get a job as an assistant coach somewhere. To bet against this man in such a gross fashion is only punishable by ironic karma.

Keep doubting, haters.

We’ve got people telling Belichick to his face that his team is going to go 4-13, long before the seasons even started… We all know exactly how this is going to play out.

Go Pats!


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