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Bedlam Is Over in 2025? Say It Isn’t So!

One of the most iconic rivalries in college football especially in the Midwest is supposedly over. Say what? Bedlam is over? Are you serious? I can’t even believe this. Will it affect my life? No, but I have to say that Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State has been great in recent times. I really hate to see it go away. It’s been here as one of the longest rivalries in college football. Let’s discuss what it all means.

When Oklahoma joins the SEC, the Bedlam Series rivalry against Oklahoma State in college football will have to go away. Both universities have confirmed that it will end when Texas and Oklahoma leave the Big 12 Conference in 2025.

Bedlam Needs To Go Like Other Rivalries?

The Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma game series started back in 1904 and has been played every single year since 1910. It has been 112 straight years. Am I officially an old-timer? Yeah, maybe because I truly believe we are losing all of the good classic college football matchups that we have heard about or gotten to watch throughout the years.

Classic matchups like Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State are what college football history is made of. Many of them are being torn apart like Texas vs Texas A&M, Oklahoma vs Nebraska, and Pittsburgh vs WVU because of universities switching conferences. I think the people in charge of college football are forgetting that rivalries are what make sports fun and unique.

Bedlam History

The Bedlam game itself hasn’t always lived up to its name as true bedlam. It’s been mostly one-sided for years. However, this game is historic for the state of Oklahoma. This football series started in 1904. Just to give you some perspective on history, Oklahoma was three years away from becoming a state when this game was first played.

Oklahoma owns this series (89-20-7) and maybe that’s why no one really is concerned about the series. However, Oklahoma State won the meeting last season. This year’s matchup is on November 19th and should be unbelievable to watch if both continue their current top ten standings in the AP Poll.

Blaming Each Other For No Future Games

It seems that both sides are blaming the other for not being able to make this happen as a non-conference game. But is it really about that? Hmm…I can’t help but wonder if it’s not because Oklahoma is abandoning the Big 12 Conference with the University of Texas for more money. It has thrown college football into a whirlwind.

Oklahoma State Athletic Director Chad Weiberg is placing the blame on Oklahoma joining the SEC Conference. He spoke to Brett McMurphy at Action Sports. Weiberg stated, “It (playing Oklahoma) presents logistical issues under our current (scheduling) structure.” Oklahoma State’s non-conference schedule is full in five of the next six seasons. He said, “We don’t have any openings to play them. We’re full. Unless there are significant undertakings to make the game happen, it can’t happen.”

Oklahoma has some openings starting in 2027. However, Oklahoma Athletic Director Joe Castiglione has said, “Oklahoma State has shown no interest to schedule any future games in football, so we’re moving on.” Weiberg had to say also, “It’s disappointing for the people of the state of Oklahoma.” Castiglione noted the series could potentially resume “down the road,” but he doesn’t envision it taking place anytime soon.

Cynically, many sportswriters have pointed out that both schools expect to continue the bedlam series in all other sports. Just not college football. Sounds like true bedlam to me.



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