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Bears 2022 Training Camp News: Teven Jenkins Is Back, But Can He Live Up To The Big Hype?

Teven Jenkins returned to practice this weekend and looked like that guy the Bears thought they were getting in the second round. With all the issues on the offensive line right now in Chicago, it has been an interesting roller-coaster ride for the fanbase with Teven Jenkins, who was supposedly up for trade just days ago. Can he swing the fans back his way and become the protection this team needs to keep Justin Fields clean?

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Teven Jenkins has finally returned to Training Camp on Saturday after missing a majority of camp so far with an injury relating to his back. This injury has been a problem for Teven almost his entire time in Bears uniform, as he was only able to play in six games last year after spending the first 11 games on Injured Reserve. Jenkins being able to get back to camp is big for the Bears, who have had many issues up front that have led to General Manager Ryan Poles needing to make moves to get some help up front, bringing in the likes of Riley Reiff and Michael Schofield to get some experience on the line. It was interesting with how good of a camp Braxton Jones had been having to see Teven Jenkins slide right in to work with the starters, something we didn’t think we’d see when the week began. Not all the work is being given to him though, which means he still has to prove his worth, but he made a good case flashing some reminders of why he was a second round pick last year in his first day back.

Teven Jenkins Return On Saturday, Only For Individual Drills

Well, Teven Jenkins returned on Saturday, but it was only work doing individual drills, which is still a good sign to see and should have been expected since he has missed eight days of practice prior to his return. It was reported that Teven Jenkins did have a good day in individual drills and looked good and ready to hit the field running for the team’s Sunday practice in front of the fans. Hearing this news that Teven Jekins could finally make his return to the field with the rest of the team is big for him trying to get back that spot that seemed hopeless for him after this latest injury bug, and with a lot of the team finding themselves with injuries these past couple days, we need everyone we can get on the field, to be out there and getting some reps.

Sunday Return For Jenkins Proves He May Be Ready To Go Right Away

Sunday was a big day in the Teven Jenkins saga. We finally got to see him back out on the field playing football, in pads, hitting real people. For most of the day, Jenkins mostly saw work against the third string defense, and he showed that that is not the level he plans to be at this season, he plowed over multiple third stringers and even paved the way on an outside zone run for Darrynton Evans in which the running back showed his appreciation by dapping up Jenkins. He did get some work with a combination of first team guys including Justin Fields under center per Nicholas Moreano:

There was another rep during team drills, where Jenkins got out in space from his RT position and put the scout team defender on the ground. Jenkins also lost his footing on the play. — Nicholas Moreano (@NicholasMoreano) August 7, 2022

It is very good to see Teven Jenkins be able to have a really good and hard eared day against the third team, and I’m very sure it will turn into more opportunities with the second and first team as Training Camp progresses into the regular season and as this offensive line stats to find its mold, and whether or not that includes Jenkins is up to how he plays leading up to week one against the 49ers.

Based on how Teven has come back and shown the fans that he really does care about this team and wants to be in Chicago, I think it is safe to say that whole trade debacle can be put to rest, instead the question: Can this kid earn his starting spot back? Should be one that the coaching staff and this fanbase should be eager to see. It looks like the kid has the talent that gave him hype after last year’s draft, but now it’s time to see this kid really put it to work on the football field and bust some heads in while he does it.

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