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Barcelona Will Be On The Hunt For A New Manager In June

Barcelona faced off against Villareal on Saturday in an important league match for both teams. The match ended 5-3 with Villareal shockingly upsetting Barcelona. After the match concluded, Xavi, 44, announced that he would be leaving the club at the end of the season in June. 

During the press conference, Xavi explains his reasons for leaving. He explains the immense pressure that the coach of Barcelona feels, especially because of the media.  Xavi says, “We have a problem in terms of the level of demand. You don't enjoy it. You're playing for your life all the time. It's cruel.” The pressure that Xavi gets from being the coach of Barcelona is a lot, the media is always pressuring the coach for the performances and style of play of the team.

The Barcelona fan base expects a lot of their team both in results and the actual style of play as well. Barcelona is known for playing a very visually attractive style of play while also getting great results. 

Last season, Xavi led Barcelona to a league title by 10 points and also to a Spanish Super Cup title. This season though has been a different story, starting in a rocky manner and exciting both the Spanish Super Cup and the Copa del Rey in this month alone. On top of that, Barcelona is also 11 points behind league leader Girona and also barely scraped by the Champions League group stage in one of the easiest groups in the competition.

Xavi motivates his team from the sideline.

The fans were shocked by Xavi's decision because although the fans were unhappy with the team and the results, they did not expect Xavi to want to leave. The fans support Xavi’s decision to leave for the benefit of the club and continue to give Xavi the respect he deserves for his time at the club as a player and a manager.



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