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Back To The Future An All-Around New Look for the 2022 Season

The Patriots do not make any announcements, but when they do, it delivers. Today, the team announced the return of the throwback red jerseys for the upcoming season. The last time the Pats wore the famous alternates was in 2010 at MetLife stadium.

Back To The Future?

The announcement came from a social video with a “Back to the Future” theme. The video sent the Patriots’ nation into celebration. When they take the field in these vintage classics, is anyone guess, but who cares? The Pat Patriot Reds are BACK!

Wait a minute, Doc. Are you telling me the red uniforms are back? — New England Patriots (@Patriots) June 22, 2022

The best part about Patriots games must be seeing what player is on the back of other fans’ jerseys. Of course, it gets boring after seeing Jones for the 100th time, but a few faithful fans always prefer to wear red instead of blue on Sundays.

Why Is The Old School Look So Popular?

The Patriots were not always a juggernaut. They did not always have Patriot Place where fans could do more than cheer on the home team. Instead, the Patriots were a bottom-of-the-barrel organization.

Our parents did not have Tom Brady. Instead, they watched guys like Steve Grogan, Tony Eason, and Scott Zolak, who we all loved and respected. They led their squads out of the tunnel every week and played their hearts out. However, they just never had the success, which caused the stadium to become outdated.

It was awful being at a game. The stadium was crumbling around you. Seating was comparable to a varsity football game instead of an NFL venue. Also, having the bathrooms be constantly closed due to plumbing issues. The best thing about the franchise was its look!

This fall, the throwbacks are making a comeback. 📷: — New England Patriots (@Patriots) June 22, 2022

Kendrick Bourne looks really happy to be in the new threads. The Patriots sure are giving him a lot of shine to the media these days. They could be on to something as they market him as one of the team’s key players.

Why Is It So Important To Bring Them Back?

The Patriots introduced the “Flying Elvis” rebrand around the time Kraft took over the franchise. His purchase put the wheels in motion for a new era. First, he changed the shade of blue in the uniform, which fans have grown accustomed to seeing for over two decades.

The navy combo is synonymous with the Brady/Belichick era. With Mac Jones ushering in a new era, it’s time to bring the red with him. The aggression fizzled out when Derrick Henry stamped the defense in that tough playoff loss in 2019.

Brady smashed the record for touchdowns in half (five), wearing the throwback classic. Not only did he play well in it, but he also looked twice as handsome! I woke up every morning in high school to see Brady slinging a touchdown pass in the hot red jersey. I am not the only Patriots fan to have done such a thing.

I could ramble on and on about how awesome it will be to see Mac Jones storm on the field in these and create some of his own classics or debate when would be the best game for them to bring them back. But I’ll leave that for the comment sections.

This is simply an omen for great things to come. People forget God’s a Patriot fan.


Patriot Pitts

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