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Auburn Football Bowl Projections After Week 10.

Auburn is one lone win away from gaining bowl eligibility in Hugh Freeze's first season.

After Auburn's 31-15 victory over the Vanderbilt Commodores, the Tigers are in a prime spot to earn one more win with a trip to Arkansas, New Mexico State at home, and the yearly Iron Bowl in Auburn this season.

Let's get into bowl projections from multiple sports sites.


Music City Bowl vs. Minnesota

ReliaQuest Bowl vs. Wisconsin

Both are teams that Auburn has played in previous bowl games. The latest is Minnesota in the Outback Bowl.

Auburn vs. Minnesota All Time: Minnesota, 1-0

Auburn vs. Wisconsin All Time: Wisconsin, 2-1

CBS Sports

Texas Bowl vs. Oklahoma

This would get us a preview of what will become a more common matchup with Oklahoma moving to the SEC in 2024.

Auburn vs. Oklahoma All Time: Oklahoma, 2-0

The Athletic

Music City Bowl vs. Minnesota

Another common theme. It's the same opponent and the same bowl game. Something tells me we will see more of this.

USA Today

Liberty Bowl vs. West Virginia

Auburn vs. West Virginia All-Time: 1-1

This is a bowl game that I would love to see take place. As a die-hard Auburn fan who also has connections to the state of West Virginia, it would be two worlds of mine colliding.

The Sporting News

Duke Mayo Bowl vs. Clemson

This is a series that Auburn has historically dominated. Clemson has had more recent success in this series as of late.

Auburn vs. Clemson All-Time: Auburn 34-15

Action Network

Music City Bowl vs. Wisconsin

Another prediction for Auburn is to be in the Music City Bowl facing Wisconsin.

Fox Sports

Music City Bowl vs. Wisconsin

Are you noticing a trend? That's another prediction for the Music City Bowl playing Wisconsin.

Athlon Sports

Music City Bowl vs. Wisconsin

it feels like it's getting repetitive at this point. Another prediction for Auburn in the Music City Bowl playing Wisconsin.

College Football Network

Liberty Bowl vs. Kansas State

Auburn vs. Kansas State All-Time: Auburn, 4-0

Auburn would be facing an opponent they haven't played since 2014, where the Tigers prevailed 20-14.

Bowl Game Breakdown:

Music City Bowl: five

Liberty Bowl: two

Duke Mayo Bowl: one

Texas Bowl: one

Reliaquest Bowl: one

Team Breakdown:

Wisconsin: four

Minnesota: two

Kansas State: one

Oklahoma: one

Clemson: one

West Virginia: one

The most common Bowl outcome:

TransCity Music City Bowl vs. Wisconsin

This is something we have seen before as Auburn fans.

We saw Auburn play in the Music City Bowl against Purdue in 2018. The Tigers set a record for the most bowl points scored in a game by an SEC team with 63 points.

Auburn had four games, three being bowl games. These two teams have an interesting history with the first game dating back to 1931 where the game resulted in a 7-7 tie.

They met again in 2003 in the Music City Bowl where the Tigers came out victorious over the Badgers with a score of 28-14.

Next, they meet in Orlando, FL for the Capitol One Bowl where Wisconsin handled the Tigers winning 24-10.

The most recent game was in 2015 when they met in Tampa, FL for the Outback Bowl where running-back Melvin Gordan ran for 251 yards and three touchdowns.


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