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ASU Looking For The Bright Sun In 2022

The ASU Sun Devils were looking for the sunshine at the top of the college football mountain when they hired Herm Edwards. He was coming in after being an NFL head coach and a television commentator. However, quickly it started a downpour in the desert that hasn’t really stopped in five years.

Back in December 2017, the Arizona State Sun Devils thought that they were headed for the top of college football especially the top of the Pac-12 by hiring Herm Edwards. Edwards had been in the NFL as the head coach of the New York Jets from 2001-2005 and as the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs from 2006-2008. They had an NFL and college television commentator that would bring a spotlight to their program.

However, now ASU fans are looking at a program that the NCAA is currently investigating Arizona State for alleged recruiting violations. Herm Edwards, 68 years old had a 26-20 coaching record at ASU with 1-2 record in college football bowl games. This wasn’t what was expected of him and the team.

Arizona State Vice President’s Statement

Arizona State Vice President of University Athletics Ray Anderson posted this statement on the Sun Devil Football Twitter account:

“We have made the decision to make a change in the leadership of our football program, effective immediately. By mutual agreement, Coach Edwards and I have determined that he will relinguish duties as our head coach. At the core of this is doing what is best for our current team, staff and university. I understand the frustrations out there. We must do better and that starts with our decision today.” Ray Anderson, Vice President of University Athletics

Sunny Expectations Turned Dreary

Herm Edwards started this season 1-2 after losing on Saturday to Eastern Michigan 30-21. This was supposed to be one of their cupcake games when it was scheduled. It had become a fight and the current ASU school president wasn’t impressed with the game. According to the Arizona Republic, ASU President Michael Crow said, “They showed up to play, and we didn’t.” I’m not sure why he thought they would show up to play. They haven’t for a long time. The fans would have told you that. Edwards hasn’t inspired any confidence in this team in years.

Chris Karpman of Sun Devil Source from 247Sports site broke the story of Edwards’ firing, which was later confirmed by Pete Thamel of ESPN and others. But why now? What’s the point? I don’t understand why he wasn’t fired at the end of last season. That would have made way more sense. They could have gotten a different good coach for their program. Was their pressure put on them to keep Edwards longer? Or were they just following other programs like USC and Nebraska with firing him during the season?

ASU Candidates?

Arizona State seems like think they are on the verge of being a top 10 football program. I don’t think so, but I’m ready to be proven wrong if they go out and get a young energetic coaching wiz that will be hands-on with the players. They don’t need another Herm Edwards type that is strictly a vision and motivational coach that leaves the details of how to play to his assistants.

Of course, I think all fans were throwing out Urban Meyer as their dream candidate. Well, they can keep dreaming. They aren’t getting him. Bob Stoops? Dan Mullen? No, not happening. Seems like a reasonable candidate wanted on some college football sites is Tom Herman. He’s a former University of Texas head coach with a 32-18 record and actually went 4-0 in bowl games. Why did Texas fire him? Because he didn’t win every single game, especially against Oklahoma, and a national championship every year.

The candidate I saw that intrigues me, however, is Vance Joseph. He is the defensive coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals. That’s right…I say…Arizona. He’s familiar with the state, the fans, and the culture of Arizona along with what they need. His brother is now the new interim coach at Nebraska so let’s make him the new interim at ASU. Last spring, he trained in the NFL Front Office and Coach Accelerator program. OH, did I mention he was the head coach of the Denver Broncos? They probably need to just go get him. It doesn’t need to be a long process.

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