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Are The Warriors About To Land This Historically Great Player?

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

The Warriors went out in a bad fashion when they were crushed by the Lakers in six games. Other than Steph Curry nobody on Golden State was able to step up, and it seems like changes need to be made. Ironically, the team that beat Golden State: the Lakers got swept in the next round, and they have massive questions as well.

Lebron James’ future in Los Angeles seems questionable, he mentioned there may be a chance of retiring, but a new team is also in play. Lebron has one year and close to 50 million left on his deal, so it would have to be a trade. There are rumors that Lebron wants to go to the Warriors, but here is why that would be a massive mistake for the Warriors.

Not A Fit For The Offense

Lebron isn’t a good fit for the Warriors’ offense. Golden State is based on ball movement, with everyone moving around, and shooting threes. Lebron at nearly 40 years old will have to move at a historic rate on offense, which could cause him to be fatigued earlier in the game.

Lebron, while a historically good finisher, is a rather bad three-point shooter.

Lebron shot 32% from three this year and took until game three against the Nuggets to hit his first three-point shot. How the Warriors conduct their offense wouldn’t get the most out of Lebron.

Short-Term Deal

James still has one year left on his deal, so if he was interested in joining the Warriors it would have to be through trade. This is where it gets scary for Golden State. They certainly have the assets to match Lebron’s contract, with Poole, Wiggins, and Klay. However, players like Poole and Wiggins still have a lot of good years left, and Lebron playing more than one year is doubtful.

Golden State is very strategic with its moves and thinks long-term, so it is clear this isn’t a move they should pursue. The Warriors need assets that can contribute with them for multiple years, and sending two valuable assets for a great player, who may only play one year would be mismanaging their future.


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