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Are NFL Preseason Games Worth It In 2022?

Is NFL Football back? No, not really. Not in my opinion. Why? Well because I don’t care about these preseason games. If I wasn’t writing for this website then I don’t know that I would even be watching preseason for the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys have made it clear that 20-27 players would never step on the field during these games. So why would I want to watch it?

Positives For The Preseason As Is

I keep hearing about how the teams can get many benefits from this particular preseason model. They can evaluate free agents, undrafted rookie free agents, their backups, and their own rookies against live competition in a game situation. But can’t they do that in a dual practice situation like they are doing with their starters against those other teams?

Of course, fans who have just come out of the dog days of sports in July are eager to see some football…any football. However, if you are like me you see half of a quarter then you are like why did I want to watch this? Fans are getting some opportunities to see football. Yes, if you are a sports gambling nut like me then you are getting some betting opportunities. However, some don’t realize these aren’t the real actual Cowboys you are going to get next week. You have to bet accordingly.

Negatives For The Preseason As Is

The prospect of a starter or major player getting injured in a game that doesn’t count has to be terrifying to some of these teams. I can’t imagine having Dak Prescott go down with a broken throwing hand in one of these preseason games. However, I’m getting to the point, after hearing how stiff and hard some of the dual team practices are, of saying should our starters even be in those either. Remember, those are practices (not games) against another team in the league. Do you really want a starter having a season-ending injury there?

Research states that these preseason games’ performance isn’t a relevant indicator of future success. That’s right. Even if players play well in the preseason, it doesn’t mean they will be playing well in the regular season. Logically, we all know that. However, hope is something we all have when we see those kickoff returns for touchdowns.

The fans are getting some opportunities to see some BAD football. I mean it can be horrible at times. I don’t know about you, but honestly, there are too many other things I can be watching or doing. Like the Dallas Cowboys’ last preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks, I went and watched my high school football team since I cover high school sports too. It was their first real game of their season. No way that I could rationalize to myself that the Cowboys’ preseason game needed to be seen live. I sat down later that night to watch it.

The Fans Are The Cause Of This

We have to take credit and/or blame for causing this situation in the NFL. They keep coming back as early as possible because they know the fans are craving football. We come back ready to tailgate at games with guys that have no chance of making the league. Not only that we are paying for these games in our season ticket packages.

The NFL is also capitalizing by rolling out NFL+ as a streaming platform to watch these games. Whew, I wish I had a nickel some guy told me that he just HAD to have the NFL+ on his phone or tablet to watch preseason. Are you joking? I hope you are joking. If you aren’t then I need to re-think my friend group.

My Thoughts

Personally, I wish the NFL preseason games would just go away. I don’t want to see them. The teams can have training camps and dual team practices. Then let’s call it good and go onto the season. Yes, I know many of you may disagree because you think it’s needed to get a team ready. Is it?

College football proves every year that you don’t. They have camp and then their first game is real. Plus if they lose then basically they are out of the running for the national championship and possibly even their conference championship. NCAA Football has more at stake but still doesn’t have preseason games. I think it’s crazy that if your starters aren’t using it to get ready then why should I watch it? Let me know what you think.



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