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Analyst Predicts This NFL Quarterback To Breakout In 2024

With the start of the NFL’s regular season just a few months away, many fans and sportswriters are gearing up for another incredible year of football. During this time of the year when not much is going on in the football world, it is a perfect opportunity to speculate about the upcoming season. 

“Who will win MVP?” “Which teams are Super Bowl contenders?” Those are just some of the questions many have been asking. And Sports Illustrated answered 100 of those questions in the latest article from the website—“100 Bold Predictions For The 2024 NFL Season”. 

Analyst Predicts DeShaun Watson To Have Big Year

While there were so many predictions, one really stood out. Writer Conor Orr predicted Cleveland Browns quarterback DeShaun Watson to throw for 32 touchdown passes and rush for ten more touchdowns as well. Here’s what he had to say:

Speaking of the Browns, this is the year we’ll get the on-field season we’ve expected from Deshaun Watson since his arrival in Cleveland. Despite the team bolstering its roster with two veteran quarterbacks who both have a heap of starting experience (Jameis Winston and Tyler Huntley), and jettisoning Joe Flacco to prevent fan sentiment from railroading Watson’s comeback, Watson will be able to piece himself together after offseason shoulder surgery and have the season that some who still root for the team have hoped for." - Conor Orr, Sports Illustrated

Analysis and Opinion 

This is a very interesting take on the 28-year-old quarterback. Ever since his sexual assault allegations and his trade to the Cleveland Browns, Watson has not been the three-time Pro Bowl quarterback he was with the Houston Texans. 

In his last season with Houston, he threw for a league-leading 4,823 yards, 33 touchdowns, and only seven interceptions. Since his last start with the Texans four years ago, Watson held out in 2021 and has only played 12 games—six in 2022 due to suspension and six in 2023 due to injury. 

In those twelve starts, Watson didn’t look like the quarterback he used to be, but he was 5-1 last season before getting injured. With the talented offense the Browns have and an elite defense, Watson has a great opportunity to play at a high level. 

If he can stay healthy, I can see him leading the Browns to the playoffs. But as for this prediction, I don’t think it will happen. While I think Watson could have a bounce-back year, I see him throwing for about 25ish touchdowns and maybe he runs for a couple more. But if he can’t stay healthy, it might be the Jameis Winston show in Cleveland. 

I’m excited for the NFL season and I hope that you take a look at the rest of Conor’s predictions if you get the chance to! You should also take a look at this amazing piece about Baltimore Ravens' running back Derrick Henry as well!

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