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An Embarrassment of Jets QB Riches

Could Zach Wilson’s days under center for the New York Jets be numbered?

Citing an interesting development concerning the depth chart at QB for the Jets, many fans seem to think that the Jets may be interested in testing out their 27-year-old backup QB Mike White after promoting him to 2nd on the depth chart demoting former backup Joe Flacco to a 3rd stringer.

It seems as though if Zach Wilson is going to get benched for whatever reason, Mike White will be the guy to step in and take over for the time being. Jet’s fans everywhere are theorizing that perhaps Zach Wilson has already proven he doesn’t have what it takes. The front office is simply going to kick the tires of Mike White for a few games to see what they might have in him before looking into drafting a QB in April during the next NFL draft.

All three of these QBs have an argument for being named the starter, especially when the Jets are 5-3 and well within the idea of contending for a playoff spot this year. We’re going to quickly go over all three QBs and make an argument for each regarding who brings what to the table and who the best man for the job may or may not be. We’ll start with the incumbent, Zach Wilson.

Jets QB Zach Wilson, 23 Years Old

In his second season, with a career record of 7-11, through 18 games as a starter.

34th in the NFL this season in passer rating.


  1. Throws a mean slant route (9-13 with 97 yards on slant routes).

  2. Impressive mobility and extended playmaking ability.

  3. Youth.


  1. Not good under pressure has only a 14.6% Completion Rate while Under Pressure (The lowest for any QB since this stat started being recorded in 2009).

  2. League-high average pass time of 3.26 seconds.

A Quote About Zach Wilson:

“I’m sure he’d tell you there’s a few throws he’d want back but, look, we’re 4-1 with Zach as our quarterback. In his first game back he brought us back from a double-digit deficit in hostile territory. I’m sure he’d say he wants a few of those throws back [against New England], but he also had nine explosive passes. There’s a lot of good to take away from that game. I know the focus was on the turnovers, but we love Zach. We love his approach every week. We love his competitiveness.” General Manager Joe Douglas, via Zack Rosenblatt of

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Jets QB Joe Flacco, 37 Years Old

In his 15th season, with a career record of 99-80, through 181 games as a starter.


  1. Experience, obviously.

  2. During Week Two this season, he led the Jets to a miracle comeback game against the Browns, where he managed to put up four TDs.


  1. He was a turnover machine in the last game he played this year, during Week Three, where he threw for two interceptions and fumbled twice.

  2. He’s Joe Flacco.

A Quote About Joe Flacco

“At this point right now Joe Flacco is the better quarterback. It just comes down to experience, decision making, how he throws the ball, he’ll take care of the football and he won’t put his team in a really bad adverse situation. You don’t see those type of picks [that Wilson threw] in the NFL.” Matt Cassel

Jets QB Mike White, 27 Years Old

In his 5th season, with a career record of 1-2, through 4 games as a starter.


  1. He made his first career start on Halloween of 2021 against the Bengals, where he threw for 405 yards and three touchdowns. Mike White became the first Jets QB to throw for 400 yards since Vinny Testaverde in the year 2000 and was the first QB to throw for 400 yards in his first start since Cam Newton. He was named AFC offensive player of the week that week.


  1. Small sample size.

  2. Lowest floor amongst these three QBs.

A Quote About Mike White

“Mike White is one of our young guys on this football team. We’ve seen Joe. We know Joe. We love Joe. Hopefully, Zach does not get hurt. But, in the event he does get hurt, Mike White is going to get the opportunity because we need to know what we have in Mike.” Head Coach Robert Saleh on why Mike White was promoted above Joe Flacco


All three of these QBs can potentially bring the Jets a victory on any given Sunday, and even the practice squad QB Chris Streveler looks pretty good in all actuality. Whoever ends up out there under center for the Jets will have an incredibly well-built team surrounding them, and there’s no reason the Jets shouldn’t be able to squeak into the playoffs this year, despite some stiff competition from all of the other teams in the AFC east.

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