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An Efficient Cornerback Announces His Retirement After 13 Years

There have been so many Patriots defensive legends (cornerbacks, defensive ends, tackles) that have come and gone over the years, some better than others, but all deserve praise nonetheless. This cornerback recently announced his retirement after a poor free agency market, and although his time on the Patriots was short-lived, he deserves some recognition.

Jason McCourty wasn’t the best cornerback in the league, but he did contribute to the Patriots’ defense for three seasons. This article will look back into his career in the NFL as a cornerback and before that while showing how he became the player he is today and what the future holds for him.

Early Football Career

McCourty went to Saint Joseph Regional high school in New Jersey and had 24 tackles and two interceptions before committing to college. Jason also played basketball in high school but chose to stick with football.

He played for Rutgers with his brother Devin for three years. Although he constantly got compared to him, Jason put up good numbers. Jason McCourty finished his college cornerback career with 148 tackles, two interceptions, and 20 pass breakups.

However, he was a bit of an underrated pick as well, going into the sixth round in the 2009 NFL draft by the Tennessee Titans.

NFL Career

Jason McCourty played cornerback with four teams in his career, with the Titans, Browns, Patriots, and Dolphins, and was mediocre with each one. In his 13-year career, he had 18 interceptions, five fumble recoveries, and 506 tackles, which aren’t MVP numbers, but he was a solid defensive player on the team.

He spent three years with the Patriots (2018-2020), and although he never got all-star or MVP status, his numbers still contributed to the team. As a cornerback, he wasn’t the top option, but he had two interceptions and 152 tackles with the Patriots, making him a solid player.

Unfortunately, he went to the Dolphins in 2021 due to a better contract and only played one season with them before cutting it off. McCourty, however, has a super bowl ring with the Patriots (2019). He was absolutely crucial in winning that Super Bowl Ring when he recovered on a post route to Brandin Cooks in the Endzoneand broke up the play. He was more than part of a championship team he was a key factor in the win .

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What Comes Next?

Many people have asked what comes next for McCourty after retirement. Although his retirement video seems very family oriented, many believe he can still have football ties. In addition, rumors have speculated that he could be the perfect replacement for Nate Burleson in “Good Morning Football,” which would be a good change of scenery.

Some have even speculated the cornerback would go on a different show, such as the media job “Fans React” Since he was a cornerback, he could also be an excellent defensive assistant or even a defensive coordinator later on in his career, maybe for the Patriots.

Either way, Jason may need some time to let retirement sink in and decide what he wants to do. Then, maybe he could come back as a cornerback if a team decides to give in.


Jason McCourty is for sure a wild card player. He is constantly compared to his brother Devin. He’s also compared to other cornerbacks on the team (JC Jackson, Stephon Gilmore). Regardless, Jason was a solid cornerback on the team and provided reliable coverage on the field for cheap money.

Jason came to the team when the defense was struggling and rebuilding, so even if his numbers don’t speak for him, his timing on the team does. Jason will always be a Patriot in the eyes of true fans, he and his brother will always go down as greats in their position on the Patriots.

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