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All-New For The Chicago Bears Community

Ryan Poles Is New And So Are We

The Chicago Bears community has had a lot of “new” this 2022. Khalil Mack, arguably the face of the franchise, was shipped to the Las Angelos Chargers for draft capital. The Chicago Bears hired a new general manager, Ryan Poles, and a new head coach Matt Eberflus.

One of the most famous beat reporters, Adam Hoge, moved on from NBC Chicago to CHGO. CHGO is a new podcast that is thriving. We bring you the Windy City Rant from the Border Fuel Sports Network. The Windy City Rant and I will bring you our latest thoughts, analysis, and information on the Chicago Bears. That is all I have for an introduction.

There are more important things to talk about, so stay tuned. The NFL draft is less than a month away. The Chicago Bears, as of today, have around 57 players on their roster.

The Chicago Bears are allowed 90 maximum players in training camp. The idea is that every team tries to bring in 90 players to have the best competition at training camp. The Chicago Bears have a lot of work ahead to get to 90 players.

Poles mentioned how he plans to use free agency’s second and third phases to acquire players to fill voids and draft players to build the roster.

The Ryan Poles Plan

So far, that has been precisely what Poles has been doing. He has acquired a center, guard, defensive tackle, off-ball linebacker, punter, quarterback, wide receivers, and a safety.

Some of the players he has acquired aren’t flashy, but they are needed. The Chicago Bears’ new front office has been a breath of fresh air. The Chicago Bears’ offseason is far from over. Poles will turn over every rock to find the type of players he sees as the next generation of Chicago Bears.

At this same point in the past season, Ryan Pace has interviewed and scheduled meetings with day one and two prospects to prepare for the NFL drafts.

Poles has already met with several potential undrafted free agents (UDFAs). Meeting with that many UDFAs could be due to Poles being a former UDFA himself when he was in the league. It is clear that he will make sure every prospect is covered to see if there is any talent other teams are missing in this upcoming draft.



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