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Alabama Is In For A World Of Hurt

Three weeks into the college football season, Alabama has no life. The team changed quarterbacks after Alabama lost at home against Texas in Week Two. Jalen Milroe was benched for Tyler Buchner, and his day against South Florida could have been better. Buchner also was benched for Ty Simpson during the game.

The game was delayed during the second quarter due to weather, so that it could have been better out there, but still, Alabama is supposed to be a Top Five team in the country, and they could hardly get past South Florida.

What Is Going On

Everyone should have known this week that things could have been better inside the program when they decided to make a quarterback change.

Milroe didn't play great against Texas, but he has tons of talent, and there was no reason why he should've been benched after two games.

Alabama is getting beat down at the line scrimmage, and that is something we have never seen from a Nick Saban team.

There is something missing from this team, and the only issue is they already have a loss, and they still need to make it into SEC play, which is the hardest conference in college football.

You can tell when a team is done; sadly, that is the case for Alabama. There is no way this team is winning anything this season, and Saban needs to turn the page over to 2024.

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