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Alabama Getting Left Out Of The Playoff Would Be A Crime

Alabama made a massive statement with their 27-24 win over Georgia in the SEC Championship Game, bringing the Crimson Tide to a record of 12-1.

Alabama just took out the number one team in the country and a team that has yet to lose since December of 2021, but Alabama could be on the outside looking in this playoff season.

The Crimson Tide didn't get any favors on Saturday with Texas winning their game and finishing at 12-1, and of course, we know Alabama's only loss this season was to Texas back in Week Two.

Florida State is up 10-6 in the fourth quarter, and if the results hold, that would bring Florida State to 13-0; we have never seen an undefeated Power Five team left out of the playoff.

Michigan beat Iowa and will be the number one seed in the playoff, and Washington took out Oregon on Friday, and they will be the second seed.

Alabama will fight for one of the last two spots and go up against Texas and Florida State.

The Texas thing is easy. We saw Texas beat Alabama, and they should get in over them because they both have the same record and are conference champions, but Florida State is a different story.

Alabama Should Be IN

I understand Florida State is 13-0, and the ACC champs if the results hold, but the ACC is weaker than some non-power five conferences.

Florida State currently has three top 25 wins: LSU, Clemson, and Louisville. At the same time, Alabama has four: Georgia, Tennessee, Ole Miss, and LSU. Alabama has the best win in the country, taking down number one Georgia, and yes, they have a loss, but that came back in Week Two against a Texas team that is going to the playoffs.

Florida State also lost their starting quarterback, Jordan Travis, to a season-ending injury a few weeks ago, and that offense has been different since.

Florida State has not looked good over the last few weeks, while Alabama has looked like the best team in the country. Alabama is going to get left out of the playoff because they lost an hard non conference game and then went undefeated in the hardest conference in college football and took out the best team in the country.

I'm sorry, but Alabama is one of the four best teams in the country, and there is no way they should be left out of the playoff. I couldn't care less that Florida State went 13-0 in a weak ACC. Alabama would roll over Florida State if they played each other head-to-head.

If the playoffs are about getting the four best teams in, then Alabama has to be one of those teams, or the playoffs are just a fraud.

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