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Alabama Football Win/Loss Prediction: 2022-23

Can Alabama return to the national title game and redeem last year’s loss? Or will we see them fall short of another title in 2022?

Nick Saban took over as head coach for the Crimson Tide in 2007, they went 7-6 that year. Since then, Saban has coached the Tide to six national titles and only 19 losses. That is the pure definition of domination in the sport of football. Alabama lost in last year’s national championship to an elite Georgia Bulldogs squad.

As the 2022 season approaches quickly, Saban has his team atop all the preseason polls as the number one team and the clear favorite to take home the school’s 19th national title. The 2022 schedule is not a friendly one for Alabama with multiple top-25 matchups this season. If Saban hopes to return to the mountain top of college football, his team will need to be unbeaten this season. That being said, let’s take a look at the 2022 Alabama football schedule.

Week One, Home Game vs Utah State

The Crimson Tide open the season with the stereotypical, non-conference, tune-up game. Alabama is returning many of their valuable playmakers both on defense and on offense. Reigning Heisman Trophy winner, Bryce Young, and defensive leader, linebacker Will Anderson, will anchor a very talented Alabama team. Look for Bryce Young and company to knock the dust off this talented roster and start the year with a blowout win at home.

Score Prediction: Alabama 58, Utah State 10

Week Two, Away Game vs Texas

Week two brings another non-conference foe in the Texas Longhorns who will soon join the SEC. What better way to partially introduce yourself to the SEC than playing the best team in the conference in week two of the season. Sure Texas might have a Heisman-caliber running back and a talented QB but it will not be enough. Alabama is led by Heisman winner Bryce Young and will be happy to show Texas why they run the SEC. Alabama will let Texas hang around but shut it down by the third quarter.

Week Three, Home Game vs UL-Monroe

Week three brings another easy matchup and win for the Crimson Tide. ULM comes to town right before conference play begins for the Tide. Either ULM catches Alabama sleeping slightly from a tough week two matchup or they get blown out. I can safely pick blown out because Saban will want his team ready for conference play and the tough schedule ahead. Give me Alabama to win this game by at least 40 or more.

Score Prediction: Alabama 62, UL-Monroe 7

Week Four, Home Game vs Vanderbilt

Conference play begins in week four but the Tide begin with the easy conference game against Vanderbilt. I am not going to waste your time and try to explain how Vanderbilt can hang around in this game. The Commodores are a tad faster on defense but not fast enough to even compete for the first drive of the game. The Crimson Tide wins this one by a lot which will surprise no one.

Week Five, Away Game vs Arkansas

The tough stretch of conference play begins in week five for the Tide. A road trip to Fayetteville to take on an Arkansas team on the rise will be a tough one. The Razorbacks made this a close one last year and that was against an Alabama roster better than this year’s. The Razorbacks will defend their home field well and hang around until the very end. This is an upset watch game but I think Bryce Young gets it done and proves why he is worthy of a second Heisman trophy.

Score Prediction: Alabama 42, Arkansas 38

Week Six, Home Game vs Texas A&M

After a tough road win over a scary Arkansas team, the Tide return home to host a top-five Texas A&M. A&M is going to be a serious contender for a CFP spot and poses a big threat to Bama this year. A&M upset the Tide last year in upset fashion with a last-second field goal to win 41-38. I am sure Nick Saban has this game circled for that exact reason, a revenge game. While the Aggies are going to pose a serious threat again, I like Bama to put together enough scoring drives that A&M will be fighting from behind and never catch up.

Score Prediction: Alabama 48, Texas A&M 35

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Alabama vs Texas A&M (USA Today)

Week Seven, Away Game vs Tennessee

The tough stretch continues again in week seven with an away matchup with Tennessee. The Vols will be coming off a trip to Death Valley and will be beaten up. An Alabama team coming off a loss in the national title to a fellow SEC team has to grind their gears. That is bad news for Tennessee and I do not see Alabama losing this game. However, I think the Vols can hang around for most of this game and lose it late.

Week Eight, Home Game vs Mississippi State

The Tide return home in week eight to host the Bulldogs of Mississippi State. The Bulldogs are heading in a positive direction under Mike Leach. However, Nick Saban has never had a problem beating Mississippi State. That being said, I like Alabama to take advantage of this late-season home game and win convincingly. Bryce Young will once again be the key factor here and outgun the Bulldog’s fast-paced air attack offense.

Score Prediction: Alabama 42, Mississippi State 28

Week Nine, Away Game vs LSU

Remember that trip to Death Valley that Tennesee had to deal with before Bama got them? Now the Tide go on the road to take on LSU in Death Valley. No road game against LSU in their house is an easy bout especially with Brian Kelly at head coach now. However, the Tigers will likely have a transfer QB starting and are rebuilding. That being said, Alabama will take advantage of the LSU rebuilding roster before they catch their footing. Tide takes this one with big performances across the board.

Score Prediction: Alabama 42, LSU 31

Week Ten, Away Game vs Ole Miss

The final big test of the year is an away game against Ole Miss in their house. Lane Kiffin might not have Matt Corral as his QB but you can bet his team will still be ready to score points quickly. Ole Miss gave the Tide a scare last year and I see no reason for Bama to not be worried to lose again. However, Bama reloaded on recruits and kept some key veterans unlike Ole Miss and that is the difference here. A high-scoring game will be the result here but the Tide will come out on top.

Score Prediction: Alabama 48, Ole Miss 42

Week Eleven, Home Game vs Austin Peay

The schedule finally eases up in week eleven with a late-season non-conference game against Austin Peay. I feel bad for Austin Peay as they will likely be running into an Alabama team running head first for another national title and sporting an unbeaten record. This will be a good rest game for the starters before finishing the year with the Iron Bowl versus Auburn to close the regular season. Bama wins this one big with the starters being done by halftime.

Score Prediction: Alabama 55, Austin Peay 14

Week Twelve, Home Game vs Auburn

Closing out the regular season with the Iron Bowl is beautiful if the matchup had an Auburn roster from years prior. Losing Bo Knix gives Auburn one of its weaker teams over the past decade and they haven’t played well in Tuscaloosa in recent years. So, don’t expect anything similar to 2021’s Iron Bowl and expect the Tide to roll through and win this one easily.

Score Prediction: Alabama 34, Auburn 14

Final Record For Alabama Football In 2022-23: 12-0 (8-0)

Much like Georgia in the SEC East, Alabama will run the table in the SEC West and finish the regular season unbeaten. The national title loss will fuel this team to beat down every team in their path in true Crimson Tide fashion. They have a tough middle-of-the-year schedule against some top-25 teams but I think this roster is still way too good to lose out on another national title. Do not be surprised if we have another Georgia versus Alabama SEC title game this year.

Which SEC team will improve the most in 2022? Comment below and join the discussion!

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