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A New Dynasty: 8 Million Great Stories

Steelers fans everywhere are wondering who is going to be the starting quarterback after 18-year veteran Ben Roethlisberger retired this past season. The end of an era. Onto the new dynasty. The Steelers are getting a fresh start with young talent. No more Ben. No more Heinz Field. The culture is definitely going to shift in the Steel City this season.

The Dynasty Future

First, let’s start with this quarterback situation. Kenny “First Round Pick-ett” (Kenny Pickett) is projected to be very productive (I gave him that nickname haha). He has definitely been impressing the coaches and his fellow teammates. Let’s not forget about Mason Rudolph, because he can provide leadership because he’s a little more seasoned than our younger quarterbacks. Per a CBS news article, “ol’ Mitch” (Mitch Trubisky) has remained in front as the number one candidate. I know what this means for the new dynasty. One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that Coach Mike Tomlin knows how to work with what he has. Injured starters? No problem, he knows how to make adjustments. After all, he’s never had a losing season in Pittsburgh. It will be interesting to see what offensive adjustments the Steelers will have.

The Steelers need to run the infamous two-point conversions again. This will give them the utmost confidence and add variety to the playbook. I believe many people are “sleeping on” Pittsburgh because they have rebuild. It’s never an easy process. As a lifelong diehard fan, I have witnessed seasons where we couldn’t make 30-yard field goals, blew big leads, and “gave up.” Now for my “real opinion” on this field business. ACRISURE STADIUM? I told someone, “I’m SURE” that I don’t like it.” No more Heinz Field. Unbelievable. Although this news broke weeks ago, I just found a way to explain the reason why I don’t like the change. Pittsburgh is a city of tradition. A city that I’ve never been to, and have been trying to get to since I was 13 years old. Nostalgia. Just a few years earlier, I heard a song by A Tribe Called Quest for the first time (hence the title of this article). I would do almost anything to be able to wave my Myron Cope terrible towel with the rest of the Steeler family. The Steelers dynasty have one of the most loyal and popular fan bases across all levels of sports. Plus, the whole “Heinz” (Hines Ward) on the “Roethlis-Burger,” thing was so catchy I must add. I feel somewhat neutral about this upcoming season. I do not know what to expect. I’ll say this: that we have to be more aggressive because our division is not so easy to compete with anymore. I never thought I would see the day where we would come close to tying a game and losing to the Browns or Bengals. The Steelers have spoiled their fans with dominating performances since the beginning of the team’s history, but now we must take a step back to rebuild for another dynasty. Now is a crucial time to see who has what it takes to be the starter; but at the same time, the backup quarterbacks cannot think for one second that they will not be used in the lineup at some point. Best of luck to the “fellas” and the entire Pittsburgh organization for this season.

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