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A GOAT Return in 2023 Saves Patriots Football.

It is not fun being a Patriots fan in 2022. Watching players like Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, and Justin Fields treat the defense like a pee-wee squad turns my stomach. Why can’t our quarterback do that? Why does Nick Folk have to bail us out with his leg every trip into the red zone? It’s infuriating.

It wasn’t always like this. Patriots games used to be filled with scores and smiles. The team never felt out of the game despite being down two touchdowns. It is what made watching the greatest football team on the planet so entertaining. We knew the ending, just not how they got there. Currently, the show is unwatchable by the second half. Patriots football should NEVER be unwatchable.

I need more fingers to pinpoint these issues’ culprits. However, I know things will change within the following year. Three seasons with one playoff berth and zero wins to show for it. That does not sit well in Foxboro. So it may be time to make a few phone calls.

After the Bills treated the Patriots like rag dolls on Primetime football, I fell into a rabbit hole of thought. Every sports talk radio caller blames Mac Jones and then begs for Zappe to get another chance. These are the same people who are afraid to step out of the box. They cannot step back and view the situation from a sheer unbiased standpoint. That’s why I am the champion; I do it for you.

What Happened To The Patriots in 2022?

The Patriots came into 2022 with high hopes. This was going to be the year things changed. Mac has the weapons around him to make that jump into the next tier. Unfortunately, Bill disappointed his loyal subjects. He brought back his prodigal son, hoping to mold him into the next Dante Scarnecchia. Three months into the experiment, it proved that it would not work out. The fans are furious. The champ is not happy. Even Mac himself seems fed up with the current regime.

“Throw the fucking ball! The running game sucks!” Mac Jones has had enough of Matt Patricia — Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) December 2, 2022

I do not blame Mac at all. Even I am more aggressive in my play-calling when playing Madden! Running the ball down multiple scores in the fourth quarter is for cowards. It’s waiving the proverbial white flag before the clock hits zero. That is not the Patriot Way. Do you know who does not do nonsense like that? Tom Brady.

Brady cannot be happy in Tampa. Giselle left him for a jujitsu instructor. Todd Bowles is his head coach. They have the same record as his former squad. He and Belichick have been trading compliments via podcasts and media days. Brady talks about how he watches Patriots games regularly. Belichick goes into detail about how great of a player Tom was. Unfortunately, this relationship ended too early.

The Patriots Need To Reunite The Dynamic Duo.

Brady’s contract is up at the end of the 2022 season. It seems highly unlikely he will return to the Bucs. For the first time in over a decade, he will be a completely free agent in 2023. There have been rumors about him putting on a Patriots uniform for one more time. I believe those rumors that he signed that deal with FOX to be a Sunday commentator. Brady doesn’t want to analyze the game; he wants to dominate it.

Do you know Tom Brady? Do you think he’d be divorced if he planned on traveling that path? There are employees at FOX who believe Brady will not get the chance to sit in the booth. I’m on that side of the fence. Brady wants to go somewhere that he has the best opportunity to win. No one in professional sports knows how to win better than Tom Brady. There is an argument that Belichick is a better winner than Brady. So, why not put them together again?

The Third Chapter of the Patriots Dynasty Is Not The Last

Some things in life are meant to be. For example, Peanut butter and jelly stuck together between two pieces of bread. Peanut butter and chocolate form a delicious cup. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are hoisting the Lombardi trophy in February. These are constants in life.

The world imploded in March 2020. People lost their minds. Brady planned to retire in Florida, while Belichick was left to pick up the pieces. Egos broke up the best quarterback/coach duo in the sport’s history. In 2023, we have an opportunity to hit a reset button.

An American Idol once said, “you don’t know a good thing til it’s gone.” Belichick believed he did not need Tom Brady to find success. Brady knew he could win more Super Bowls without Belichick. Fast forwarding a few years, there’s trouble in paradise on both sides. This has sparked a nice theory about what is going to happen in the next year.

After this season, it’s time to time travel. The Pats need to resign Brady for as long as he wants. He slides into the starting role, forcing Mac into a student role. He learns the Patriot Way under the creators. Let’s face it, Brady is already a tremendous improvement to the bozo calling plays now. A few seasons pass with a Super Bowl or three won; it’s time for the next step of the plan.

Belichick Remains Sith Lord Of The Patriots Empire

Belichick takes the elevator up to the front office. His role becomes more of an Ernie Adams role mixed with a light coaching role in one of those coaching suites. But who ends up being the head coach? Does Steve Belichick finally take over?

Coming soon 😅😆👍 #NFL #rannfl #ranNFLsuechtig #ForeverNE #brady #NFLTwitter — Lisa (@xMissLieschenx) December 4, 2022

That’s right. Tom Brady becomes the next head coach of the team. Mac already has an established relationship with him. They have very similar play styles and leadership qualities. Giselle isn’t there anymore to nag Tom about leaving the sport that made him for her. So selfish of her, honestly.

This seems like a long shot, but the past few years have taught me nothing is out of the realm of possibility. The Patriots have been an integral part of my life. If there is a way to continue the dynasty, it’s making this happen.

Go Pats.

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