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5 Moves The Boston Celtics Could Make To Hang Banner 18

The Boston Celtics have one of the most stacked starting lineups in the league; however, their bench could use an upgrade just one more player who could be relied on. They don't need any more star power; the Celtics have that covered in spades, so these players are mostly under the radar.

Boston is well into the second apron of the luxury tax, so they don't have a ton of wiggle room, but there is some due to Grant William's 6.2 million dollar trade exception. The two players in the free-agent market would not be looking for massive deals. I have prepped three trades and two free agents for the Celtics to push them over the top to bring and raise Banner 18.

Naturally, they traded two seconds for Xavier Tillman less than 24 hours ago, but they could still make these moves.

Trade One: Bring Olynyk Back Home

The Celtics could use another stretch big man who can hit shots and has proven himself capable in big moments. Kelly Olynyk fits the bill in every single category; Boston fans all remember his epic game seven against the Wizards in 2017, where he scored 26 points and helped that rag-tag group of overachievers get to the Eastern Conference Finals. Obviously, that isn't what we would be expecting, but it is proof that he can perform in big moments.

He would also provide some level of insurance for Kristaps Porzingis if he needs to miss any time (god forbid, please). Kelly could keep Al as fresh as possible with his time on the court. Olynyk can shoot, rebound, and play solid defense.

The trade would be Boston's 2024 1st, Svi Mykhailiuk, Dalano Banton, Lamar Stevens, and Grant William's Trade exception to make the money work. Utah gets another first to continue their rebuild with.

Trade Two: Renuite With Gallenari

Danilo Gallinari was once a Celtic who didn't get to play a single game for us cause he got hurt, but now he is healthy and on a Pistons team that isn't going anywhere this year. Over the last ten games, his shooting splits are 52/58/87 in an ancillary role, which is what he would have here as well.

Gallinari is another power forward who can shoot, has playoff experience, and can create his own shoot or hit shots off the catch. This is just a really good fit that didn't get to work out the first time they tried it.

The trade would be two second-round picks (no protection). Dalano Banton and Grant William's trade exception. Detriot needs as many kicks at the can as they can get, and Gallinari isn't in their long-term plans, so he is a reasonable piece to ship out.

Trade Three: Add A True Center & A Shooting Wing

The Chicago Bulls are a mess; practically all their big stars have been a part of trade rumors, so taking some bench players from them would make a lot of sense to fill Boston's needs and help kickstart this inevitable rebuild that Chicago is heading for.

Andre Drummond needs to be a Celtic. He is exactly what we don't have: a bruiser who can dominate the glass and add another body to throw at Giannis in the paint. Most of Boston's big men are thinner and work the perimeter, except for Al, but he is getting up there in age so that Drummond would fill many holes on this team.

The second player we would get in the deal would be Torrey Craig, who definitely has his limitations. He has playoff experience and had a starting role on the Suns not too long ago. Adding him and Drummond to Horford Pritchard and Hauser allows that unit much more versatility.

The trade would be two seconds (no protection), Svi Mykhailiuk, Lamar Stevens, and Grant William's Trade exception to make the money work. Like Detriot, the Bulls are going to need to amass picks to try and start building the next iteration of the team.

Free Agent Signing One: Montrezl Harrell

Harrell was recently waived by the 76ers (because they aren't a team that likes winning). He did tear his ACL a while back, but he should be ready to go shortly after the all-star break. Harrell was always a thorn in the side of the Celtics, who would get crucial offensive rebounds and provide that extra hustle and energy for whatever team he played for.

He doesn't stretch the floor, but he makes life hard on anyone who tries to enter the paint, and that is exactly what we are lacking. I imagine he would be available for a light salary right around the veteran minimum mark. We might have to part ways with a Lamar Stevens type, but that is not a real concern. (I'm sure Lamar is a great person and a player who ties hard. He just doesn't fit our needs at the moment).

Free Agent Signing Two: T.J Warren

Once upon a time, T.J. Warren was one of the rising stars in the league, but injuries and changes of scenery didn't allow him to reach that potential. What he can do, though, is still be a second-team focal point, being able to create his own shot and play solid defense. He has scored over 25 points in 20+ games in his career.

Warren isn't afraid of the mid-range shot or taking the ball to the rim, which is something the Celtics team as a whole needs help with. He could come in and make buckets that can get the team out of its three-ball obsessiveness, which at times cost them games. T.J. can give this team a new look on the bench and add some valuable experience to the second unit.

End Of Rant

Technically I gave six players that could help the Celtics get over the hump, but that's semantics. Out of all the possible scenarios I listed, I think the one that makes the most sense is Kelly Olynyk; he was a homegrown talent and pushed a team with no expectations a few games from a Finals appearance. What better than bringing him back to be the final piece that brings the Celtics their 18th banner?

The other one that would make me very happy would be the Drummond and Craig deal because that just totally revamps the second unit. Instead of giving the team insurance, it gives them a whole different dimension.

The Celtics are rumored to be interested in Otto Porter Jr and Lonnie Walker IV. Both would be good additions, but I think what I have laid out here would be Brad Stevens at his best.

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