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5 Huge Snubs For The MLB All-Star Game

Who will win the all-star game? The AL or the NL?

This Applies To MLB The All-Star Starter Snubs Only

The MLB has a ton of outstanding players at each position. So, there are bound to be a few players who get snubbed regarding their selection in the all-star game. While there are a lot of players who didn’t make the all-star game at all that should have, this makes more sense to do as more prominent names deserve a more significant role.

5th Biggest Snub: Jose Ramirez, 3rd Base, Cleveland Guardians

Few players have been truly as good as Ramirez has been so far this year. It just so happens that, unfortunately, one of them is a third baseman in the American League. he is currently second in RBIs in all of baseball and is now leading his team to a playoff spot. If Rafael Devers weren’t so great, he would be unanimous. That is why he gets only the fifth spot on the list. He is a fantastic player, except it was understandable why he got snubbed. Also, playing in Cleveland has been so underrated for so long.

4th Biggest Snub: Jeff McNeil, 2nd Base, New York Mets

There is only one reason why Jazz Chisolm got the start: he is more expressive. The fadeaway as he rounds first, the euro-step into home plate after hitting a home run, even pounding his chest as he swipes a bag. Chisolm is a very expressive player with a big personality, but McNeil deserved it more. First, his team is doing far better in record, but we won’t count that. McNeil has a higher batting average, on-base percentage, fewer strikeouts, and far more hits. He doesn’t have as many home runs or RBIs due primarily to him being the leadoff guy, but it is clear from the numbers that McNeil was deserving of the start.

3rd Biggest Snub: Xander Bogaerts, Shortstop, Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox got one earlier; now they suffer here. Unfortunately, it seems to be a similar reason to Jeff McNeil and Jazz Chisolm. Tim Anderson has a huge personality and is one of the game’s biggest rising stars. Bogaerts is very mild-mannered and excellent at what he does but isn’t a massive personality while it happens. Bogaerts has more at bats, hits, homeruns, RBIs, walks, a higher batting average, and a higher on base percentage. If you look at the two side-by-side it is madness about how Tim Anderson was named the starter. It pains me to say it as a Yankees fan, but a Red Sox player deserved to start.

2nd Biggest Snub: Kyle Schwarber, Outfielder, Philadelphia Phillies

This one is shocking. Outside of the number one entry on this list, Schwarber had the best June of anyone in the MLB. He is also second in the league in home runs, just behind Aaron Judge. But when you look at him versus Joc Pederson, who was selected to start over him, it’s insanity. Schwarber ha splayed far more and has recorded almost 100 more at bats, has more home runs, and RBIs, he was the clear choice.

The argument comes for Pederson in batting average and on base percentage being higher. The issue they weren’t consistent with that. At second base in the NL and shortstop in AL as I previously mentioned, they opted to go with the power bats. Which makes it so confusing why they opted to go Pederson over one of the hottest players in all of baseball at the moment.

The Biggest Snub: Yordan Alvarez, Outfielder, Houston Astros

I hate the Astros with a passion, but this one makes me angry. Obviously Ohtani is a generational talent with his ability to pitch and hit at an MVP level, but he shouldn’t be out there in front of Alvarez. Yordan has more home runs, more RBIs, a higher batting average and an OPS higher than Ohtani’s by a significant amount. Not to mention, he is third in the MLB in home runs, and hit over .400 for the month of June. Yordan Alvarez is by far the best player in baseball right now, and probably the AL MVP favorite. It is a travesty to have Shohei Ohtani over him. If they want Ohtani in so badly, let him pitch.



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