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3 Starting Pitchers That The Brewers Could Acquire

The Milwaukee Brewers are in a great spot-- a top the NL Central by 7.5 games. However, a glaring issue is going to rear it's ugly head at some point, their lack of starting pitching. In years past, this was the last thing on the Brewers "shopping list". But, the years of Cy Young winner Corbin Burnes being a Brewer is past, and Brandon Woodruff will not return this year. Among those notable losses, there is also newcomer Jakob Junis, who is slated to return this weekend against the Padres.

Also, free agent pickup Joe Ross, who suffered a setback in his program resulting from his back injury, rookie standout Robert Gasser-- who will miss the rest of the season, and D.L Hall, who the Brewers received in the trade for the aforementioned Burnes. Not to forget, aged vet Wade Miley-- whose career is likely over after suffering a severe elbow injury. Still with me?

With all of these guys missing, there is a massive gap, which has been filled well with Opener(s) such as Jared Koenig, starter Tobias Myers-- who has been shockingly good, giving up 1 run in 20.1 innings this month so far--, Bryce Wilson, Aaron Ashby, and 22 year old Carlos Rodriguez. It has been next man up all year for the Brewers, and it is time to add one guy behind ace Freddy Peralta, who can be reliable and in normal Brewer fashion-- cheap.

Jesus Luzardo: Miami Marlins

Baseball's favorite rumor is that for a reason, first off he is a Marlin and secondly, he has shown good stuff in the past. He can be on a team friendly contract for two and half years yet. Although, I am not quite sure exactly what he would cost the Brewers, it would be the most expensive out of the three mentioned here.

According to Baseball Savant, Luzardo's repertoire includes a four-seam fastball which he throws around 40% of the time but can fall to being a "dead zone fastball", meaning that the fastball doesn't have a lot of "run" or "ride", which tends to lead to harder contact against him. But, he is a hard-throwing lefty which allows him to live in that "dead zone". He also has a slider he throws around 29% of the time, it acts as his put-away pitch, with an impressive 47.4% whiff percentage.

A changeup, which is a fantastic pitch to pair with his deadly slider, performing for a .207 batting average against the pitch. Finally, a Sinker that shows up about 8.5% of the time. When Luzardo has his stuff, he is good. He has shown that in years past, and why he is a hot topic come deadline time.

Starting Pitcher, Jesus Luzardo mean mugging a batter

Jake Irvin: Washington Nationals

An obtainable, cheap pitcher that has been good for the Nationals this year. The 27 year-old boasts a 122 ERA+ which indicates he is 22% above the average pitcher this year. His arsenal include a 4 seam, curve, sinker and cutter. He does a great job at inducing groundballs, right around 44% of the time, putting him above league average.

He is comparable to Zack Wheeler as they are very similar with their arsenal and velocity + movement. He has a lot of control-- with not only his pitches but, will be on team-friendly deals for years to come. Always a plus in small market Milwaukee. He throws his 4 seam around 37% of the time, his curve 33% of the time, good for a WOBA of .275 and is one of the best curveballs in the league, his sinker around 17% and cutter around 11%.

He keeps the ball on the ground and can have strikeout potential when his stuff is on. Jake Irvin is constantly trying to be better, changing the shape of his offspeed/breaking pitches to become just that little bit better, each start. He could be an under-the-radar guy, if the Nationals sell, and Milwaukee would be a great landing spot.

Starting Pitcher, Jake Irvin chucking gas

Erick Fedde: Chicago White Sox

Garrett Crochet is too expensive, so why not get the other guy who has been actually good for the Sox? Fedde has seemingly revitalized his career after his ugly 2022 season, where he ranked as one of the worst starting pitchers in the league in many categories. He opted while in Korea to rid of the curveball and introduce the sweeper, this change has been monumental for Fedde who has a ERA+ of 133 and has consistently missed barrels this season.

He doesn't walk batters often and just like Irvin, induces a ton of groundballs; it's what his pitches are built on, throwing a sinker, cutter, changeup and that sweeper. He gives up soft contact and lets his defense play-- something the Brewers are very good at ranking second as a team in Defensive Runs Saved (DRS). He has a two year, 15 million dollar contract, for a 31 year-old which is enticing for a team that doesn't like to spend. In other words, why have one Colin Rea when you can have two?

Starting Pitcher, Erick Fedde delivering a strike

Overall, all these seem like realistic targets for the Brewers who are most likely not willing to give up a ton of prospects for a rental, or young controllable star. With many of their top 5 prospects looming, maybe there is an odd man out such as a Joey Wiemer, or Eric Brown Jr., that could be dangled as trade pieces.

In typical Brewer fashion, they could also just add a seemingly mid-level relief pitcher and call it good to go. There is no telling with Matt Arnold and the Brewers. But, there is definitely one thing missing that could move them from "playoff contenders" to "World Series contenders", and that is the rotation. After all, pitching is the king of October.


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