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Three NBA Players Who Need To Be Traded Now!

The NBA is an ever-evolving business. With that comes tough decisions around players in a bit odd of situations. Situations that require changes. Let's look at three different NBA players who could and should be moved. Either for the player's sake or the sake of the team.

Julius Randle, New York Knicks

The power forward has now been in New York since 2019. While he has been excellent, he must be cut out for the Knicks and their plans. The Knicks are seemingly on the road to building a contender. With Jalen Brunson developing into a true star at point guard and multiple other developing players around him, Randle is the odd man out. Despite being an all-star this past season and averaging 25 points, ten rebounds, and four assists, it doesn't make sense for him to continue in New York. Randle is incredibly streaky, and when he gets cold, there is no stopping him. Randle will continue to make lousy play after play and be a near-negative asset to the Knicks.

The Knicks should capitalize on Randle's recent numbers and try to make a play for a superstar. You've missed out on Mitchell, Durant, Irving, and countless others in recent years. With players like Joel Embiid seemingly on the market, put together a package including a guy who collapses in on himself when the going gets tough. That is not to say Joel Embiid doesn't do that, either.

Joel Embiid, Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia will not win anything, with Embiid being the main guy. No team can win a championship today, with the leading player being a traditional center. The Nuggets did it because Nikola Jokic might be one of the most overall talented basketball players ever to play, nearly averaging a triple-double this past year. Embiid can't do that, and after seeing another postseason collapse after he was awarded MVP, it is time the 76ers moved on.

The 76ers are stuck in limbo as a second-round exit consistently for one reason or another, and the only escape is to sell on Embiid. Understand how much value you can get for him now, and let him go. Send him to New York or even Sacramento, as I mentioned earlier. But understand that you won't win anything with him being the leading man, and it is time to get out and be rewarded while you can.

Trae Young, Atlanta Hawks

While Young did have a quietly impressive season last year, averaging 26 points and ten assists a game, Young is still seemingly riding the coattails of the remarkable conference finals run a few seasons ago. Young and the Hawks took the eventual champion Milwaukee Bucks to six games before being defeated but have yet to make it that far once again. Losing in the first round this past season after firing their coaching during the season isn't a great sign, and it is likely time the Hawks considered changing it up.

Young has been perfect for the Hawks, but if they continue to struggle even with the addition of Dejounte Murray and company, what is the point? We could see Young giving a request to the Hawks, either asking them to go and get more help to truly make them a contender or blow it up incredibly prematurely. Regardless, Young is stuck in the middle currently and can get it ironed out.


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