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Predictions For An Electric 2024 WWE Hall Of Fame Class

WrestleMania is just around the corner and it is a very exciting time for everybody. One of the most exciting things is who will be inducted into WWE's Hall of Fame. After the Elimination Chamber is done, I always make my predictions on who might get inducted into the Hall of Fame.

So, that is what I will be doing yet again this year. For my predictions, I am going to guess who will be the Headline, Women's Wrestler, Tag Team, Manager, ECW, etc. So, let's get into my predictions on who will be in the 2024 WWE Hall Of Fame Class.

I Predict That Bray Wyatt Will Be The Headline Inductee

I still can't believe that Bray Wyatt aka Windham Rotunda passed away last year due to a heart attack. It still does not feel real to me as he was 36 years old with plenty of life left to live. He was one of my favorite pro wrestlers and I was devastated when hearing the news of his passing.

Wyatt is 1,000% a hall of famer and it's not only an if, but when this man gets honored in the WWE Hall of Famer. Now this will occur depending on whether the Family is ready to do this, as people grieve in different ways. Whatever they choose to do, we all should respect them, but if this is the year he goes in, then he is going to be the headline inductee.

I Predict That Muhammad Ali Will Be Inducted As The Celebrity Induction

Looking it up, I am surprised that Muhammad Ali has not been inducted into the Hall of Fame as a celebrity inductee. With how heavily involved he was with WrestleMania 1, I would have thought he would be inducted already. Since he is in the WWE 2K24 game, it would be the perfect time to put him in the Hall of Fame as the celebrity inductee. He is now my want-for WWE inductee that Andy Kaufman was inducted last year.

I predict that Mickie James will go into the Women's Wrestler Induction

It makes sense as the company could be in a strong relationship with the company. Especially now that Mark Carrano has been fired and he was the guy involved with the garbage gate scandal in WWE shipping James's stuff in a trash bag. Also, Nick Aldis who is Mickie's Husband is employed with WWE as the Smackdown General Manager as well.

Mickie is one of the more underrated women's wrestlers in WWE if you watch her Impact/TNA run she was phenomenal. She held the Woman's Championship multiple times with WWE and had some memorable moments in the company. She would be a great choice as the inducted this year.

I Predict That Brian Pillman Will Finally Be Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

WWE, it's time to put Brian Pillman in the WWE Hall of Fame. Not because he is one of the greatest What Ifs in pro wrestling, but he was a phenomenal pro wrestler during his WCW days and when he was the Loose Cannon in WWE.

Plus, many forget that Brian Pillman's family recently signed a Legends deal with the company, which is a sign. Pillman’s son Brian Jr. who wrestles as Lexis King in NXT is with the company and would easily be the person to say the speech and inducte his dad in too, so he would be a great spokesperson.

He should have been in many years ago, and this would be a great time to do it.

I Predict That The Nasty Boys Will Be The Tag Team Induction Into The Hall of Fame

A lot of people and fans have said that Demolition will be the inductee for WWE, however, I don't think this will be the year that gets done. After all Demolition Ax did recently say in a podcast "We Don't Expect It To Happen". So, I don't expect them to go in this year.

One tag team that I think many are not talking about as an Inductee is The Nasty Boys. After all, this is because Booker T has said he has been campaigning to WWE to induct The Nasty Boys, Jerry Sags, and Brian Knobbs into the Hall of Fame.

The Nasty Boys were WWE tag team champions and were in WCW as well from 1993-1997. Along with them being Hulk Hogan's best friends, WWE can even dust off a Hulk Hogan appearance and have him inductee them in. I prefer Jimmy Hart though, but if they can get Hulk to do it, I would be fine with it.

I Predict that Miss Elizabeth Will Be Inducted As The Manager Inductee

I still don't understand why she is not in it. I get that she is no longer with us passing away in 2003, but she was one of the greatest managers in pro wrestling history. She changed the wrestling business managing the Macho Man Randy Savage and it makes no sense she is not in it. It is time to write the wrong by putting her into the Hall of Fame.

I Predict That Tajiri Will Be Inducted As The ECW Inductee

There has to be one inductee that goes in via ECW since the Hall of Fame took place in Philadelphia and it was the hometown of ECW. Many say Paul Heyman will go in, but I think they can wait on putting him in. You know one person they should inductee, Tajiri.

Tajiri was a super notable wrestler at ECW and was a part of WWE for multiple years. Many forget too he participated in the Cruiserweight Classic that was held by WWE in 2016. He was super underrated as a pro wrestler and I think that William Regal should induct him now that he can appear on TV for WWE.

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